Thank Heaven's The CFL Is Back!

I am so happy the CFL season is only a month away.

Because after a winter and spring were the NHL has been totally screwed up for people who don't even like the game, it'll be nice to follow a Canadian sport that doesn't cater to foreigners first and foremost.

That doesn't bend over backwards to appease people from another country while ignoring Canadian fans. That will play a style that Canadians like. Not be totally bastardized like the NHL has become. Even though Canadians never asked for these radical changes to hockey.

A league that doesn't have to worry what people from another coutnry think. And that won't go begging for TV coverage in a foreign country at all costs, while forgetting about their true fan base. Canada.

So here's to another great CFL season. A league by Canadians, for Canadians. RIP NHL. Thats not our game anymore. Its the CFL!


Well, if the NHL, a sport filled with Canadians played in America isn’t our sport and the CFL a sport filled with Americans and in Canada is, I’m confused. Anyone got answers to everyone’s complaining in here?

If I had a choice, it's the Bombers over the Jets and the CFL over the NHL. Football is just far more entertaining for my money.

I'd take CFL over NHL any day.

Has anyone here even been watching the Stanley Cup? I's summer and I personally have no interest in sitting inside watching hockey. (Actually, I have little interest in sitting inside watching hockey in the winter too.)

The new "NHL" is far from it, with the old style trap trap trap. Boooring.
Agreed, who wants to watch hockey for ten months and especially the playoffs for three months and into summer weather.
It should be one month max and all over by the end of April
Yea for the CFL, the only real exciting sport going.

CFL over NHL anyday for me! Cause I feel like a traitor in the city lol.

NHL - Love the Leafs, but HATE THE HABS. I hate the Habs with a passion, their the team I hate the most, and my #1 team is the Leafs.

CFL - Vive les Alouettes! HATE THE ARGOS!!!

Weird eh? You should see mu friends when they go in my room and I have Als autographs and flags all over the room, along with Lead jerseys and hats haha


The CFL is a football league for football fans, whether they're from Canada, the US or any other country in the world.

Sure it is. It is a league by Canadians for Canadians. That's just not all it is. It can be both a league for Canadians and for football fans everywhere.

So you're both right.

its called 'canadian football league'....NOT 'world football league'

every game is broadcast on canadian tv..what other place in the world gets every game broadcast live?

heck, even the website is a .CA address NOT a .COM address

thats not to say football fans around the world cant watch and enjoy it, but it is definitely a CANADIAN thing.....remember: radically Canadian

That was my point. The CfL is a league for CAnadians, that Canadians support. Canadians fans are what the CFL caters to. We are number one. Not considered a nuiscance or a second class citizen.

Fans of the CFL don't have to worry about its future being decided people in another country. We don't have to totally bastardize the game for another country while turning off its true fan base in Canada. Like some other league has done.

CFL games are shown when it is best for Canadians. Not foreigners. CFL games are played in the months that are best for Canadians. Not foreignrs. CFL games are played under rules that are distinctly Canadian.

Its our game. We don't share it or have to change it for anyone! Unless WE want to change it. And thats why the cFL is number one in my books. ITs 100% Canadian.

You're right it is (except for imported players and coaches).

But there is no need to exclude others who like it either. And money talks, the CFL would be crazy to turn down revenue from the US or elsewhere just because they want to be all Canadian. That doesn't mean they have to change anything however. They get those contracts because they are different, not because they are the same as something else.

The CFL just needs to grow a little, within Canada. Ten or twelve teams would be great for the league.

i also agree that CFL (and football in general) is much more exciting to watch than Hockey. I hate to admit it, but im a Canadian who lost my interest in hockey after the lockout. And since my favorite team, the leafs, havent done very good, i havent even watched a full hockey game in the last 3 years.

I am so excited for the upcoming season!! Go CFL!!!

i too have grown bored with hockey...i got turned onto the CFL during that NHL lockout season....

im glad i did, cuz the CFL is way more fun.