Thank God!

The CFL season is almost over and the media here won't have to give the league any charity attention. Now it can concentrate on giving us news of quality sports leagues instead of trying to shove down this cfl crap that NO ONE here really cares about.

just a question ,...... WHY ARE YUO ON HERE THEN , DUMBASS

funny how he doesnt say which 'quality sports leagues' hes refering to?
...doesnt say where he's from, so we know which media he is talkin about.

Is it a full moon tonight????
loonies are out and about!!!!!

i wish the media didnt cover the NFL, NBA or MLB...but im not gonna go on those league's forums to complain about it....

He is in Toronto
I am not taking a shot at toronto
He is in Toronto

maybe he sould move to the States...

Yawn...another guy that just signed up today.

Paging Security....Clean up Aisle 3

Aisle 3
That is where they keep the fruit loops bananas and assorted nuts.

Dry clean up, or wet clean up? I'd vote wet, considering the "yellow" tinge to his original post.....

well if this guy hates the CFL so much to complain on this forum, he better enjoy this year as best he can, cuz the CFL and its media attention is only gonna get bigger every year from now on…

so we have the last laugh…HAHAHAHA

Roy Shivers I know it is you are you at the same Casino as last time. I thought you were saved!

...I think it might be Marty York.....trying to get a little rise out of the posters on here....or some ACTUAL sports news....CFL...STYLE....

OK, since when did the AntiChrist, Paul Godfrey sign up to the forum? A great Canadian dumbass in office, and still a great Canadian dumbass today as evident by the original post in this thread.

A bona fide hit-and-run! Thankfully, his one and only post will certainly remain his one and only post. I'm sure he won't be back to read our replies...

...or rather, to have someone read them to him.

The CFL rocks and we all understand that. The loyalty of fans, the excitement created by the unique Canadian rules, the tradition and history of the league, the CFL is truly a great Canadian heritage. Let's salute our great game on Sunday and just enjoy the spectacle that unites Canadians each year. There are too many of us who think this way in Canada to let one acorn cause any irritation.
CFL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen Turkeybend, this Stillers moron is quite clearly in the minority, and simply feels insecure about it.

Alright you guys, quit it... leave the poor kid alone. Clearly this is the CFL's fault.

Daddy's too busy talking CFL, hyping Mom up, now she's into the game. Now where's that leave, Stillers? He believed his parents when they sang: "You are My Sunshine." He plays it every morning, god love 'im.

They used to call him: "Lil' Stilly." Now they call him: "Shut up, game's on."

He was their sunshine, their only sunshine, dammit! Now he's alone, ignored, and ( to quote ro1313) "playing with his dinky cars in his mom's basement." Poor, Stilly.

You'd lash out too.

*** Post deleted due to its non-respect of forum guideline #3 ***

Can't somebody ban this guy or something? He's clearly unstable and mentally defective and could be dangerous if provoked. Haven't any of you read Of Mice and Men? It's Lenny all over.