thank god we're playing riders

I was so happy when the final whistle went in the west final and saw SASK on top because quite frankly they are probably the weakier of the 2 because we would get destroyed if we played BC in every aspect cuz think.

BC has 2 good receivers simon & clermont compared to 1 or zero from sask 1 would be domingez but he's out.

Another good fact is BC's defence is alot better than sask's because they lead the league in every department.

Sask won because of bad coaching by BC like the score was 13-10 when jackson was pulled i think if they let him continue it woulda turned out different and BC looked like they were asleep it wasn't as if sask dominated that game it was lucky bounces for sask that won it.

Sorry, but I can't agree with you. Saskatch and BC were going neck and neck during the season. Simon and Clermont played in the Final and Sask's great receivers out-duelled them. Sask's defence is better than BC's (Check the turnovers). Lastly, Jackson had to be pulled (check his stats). If anything, he should have been pulled earlier. Sask's defence DID dominate the game. Now it's up to the Bombers to dominate Saskatch.

Actually if you look at the stats :

BC defence only lead the league in ONE category, whereas Saskatchewan was tops in the league in 5 categories. Oh well I guess you are just another delusional Bomber fan :smiley:

I too thought that BC would have the edge on defence but once BC lost HR on the oline the Rider defense seemed to take over the game. Also, Eddie Davis in the Rider secondary is like Bolden for the Bombers, a real difference maker.

However, if you look at the line play of both the Bombers and Riders, it's no surprise these two are in the GC, their lines have been playing the best in the playoffs.

BC has a way better defense sure roughriders had alot of turn overs but alot of these turnovers came late in fourth quarters when it didn't matter cuz they already had a huge lead and what not what about points they aren't to swell in that category finnished in the bottom half of the league too. BC was # 2 in pts against so i'd have to say even know they don't lead in turnovers and such they make you punt and force alot of 2 and outs for offenses

maybe i was wrong about stat woppie dee doo i was going from what i have heard all year by announcers and how they didn't allow many pts cuz think about it jackson always had great field position because his defensive showed adversity to compensate for a 3rd string qb

Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile: Riders are favoured by 11.5 points it could be more and sure it could be close, I predict 10 point win for the Riders, i'm going to give their QB a chance, lots of emotion in this game and i think the Bomber defence will have a tough time getting to Joseph. No reason why the Riders should not take this they are the better team.

:lol: yeah, looking at the rosters, the Riders clearly have the better personnel. :roll:

I am happy we are playing the bombers for a few reasons. One, I would prefer not to play Toronto when they host the GC. Two, Riders / Bombers is a great rivalry, even though lately you hear more about Calgary and Burris. Three both teams are the best in their respective divisions. Even though both teams finished second, they were both close and held the first spot for a time this season.

To Supadupatroopa, of course you should want your team to win, but atleast show some respect. Most of what you said sounds like it is referring to last year's west final. You talked about turnovers late which is backwards, the key turnover was in the first quarter on the fumbled punt return which set up our first touchdown and we never gave up the lead after that. The rest of the turnovers kept BC from catching up or passing in score, so pretty important the whole game.

Also it would be easy to assume this should be easy for the Riders now that Glenn is done, but the last thing anyone in Ridernation wants to do is underestimate Ryan D. and that receiver core of yours. We held back Smith, and I hope we can do the same to Roberts. In conclusion, I think both teams are very well matched, it is going to be an exceptional game. Best of luck to both sides.

we weren't suppose to win against montreal we did we weren't suppose to win against TO even for that matter not scor 10 pts which we nearly doubled so whats your point here we are 11 point underdogs the more we are not favoured i think the better all the media is about is how great KJ Kerry Joseph is and how he's gonna destroy us well let me tell you a story same thing happened about 6 yrs ago i guy named hmmm KJ AKA Khari Jones was the MOP and was suppose to destroy calgary and we got are asses handed on a silver platter kind of irionic 6 yrs later on the same date the cup is being held and the MOP nominee has the same initals is this deja vu

Who said you weren't supposed to win against Montreal?? You guys had just beat them the week before, and Mtl just isn't very good, most people thought you would win.

and no that is not ironic at all, its called coincidence. Me thinks you like Allanis Morissette too much.

Yeah not sure i ever heard anyone say the Bombers were not supposed to be the Als all I heard was the Als feel they can beat the Bombers. Riders by 10

I never thought our Bombers were underdogs either Rider23, even in the Eastern final...Pound for pound the Bombers have the best team in the CFL...Bombers by 10.

Bombers are nothing but a 500 club. Pound for pound best team in the CFL thats the funniest thing i have heard all week LOL LOL LOL LOL Oh please

Gee 23! do you have relatives in BC?

Yeah, do us all a favor and slap yourself 23.

Would save me the boring drive anyway.

Not the brightest crayon in the box.

With regards to the Rider fans, they played a BC team that looked absolutely rusty with that dreaded 2 weeks off. BC looked like an over-confident bunch riding on their laurels. In regards to the Blue Bombers, they are better than you think, with or without Kevin Glenn. The Riders had better be on top of their game. Watch out.

It is my hope that the Riders take this game very seriously and play to their full potential as Winnipeg is a VERY strong team. I also think that instead of bashing each other's teams, we should congratulate each other because both of our teams made it to the "dance".

Just finished packing for the sojourn east and thought I'd stop and wish all the hordes of Bomber fans heading east as well good luck.

Go Riders, but good luck to the Bombers!
Toronto won't know what hit 'em!!

'Nuff said!

Man I actually feel bad for how bad you'll feel if you lose. Just a game right?