Thank God the season is 18 games!!!

All I can say is good job Henry. You showed tonight you are the QB we knew we would miss. Don't get me wrong... I still love Nealon and his play is not why we lost. This game was almost 100% bad defense. BRUTAL DEFENSE!!!!! So I guess we will have to wait till October to get the W against the Stamps. And say what you want about our run defense.... wait till Davis and Benefield are back. As for our running game, where the hell did it go? We hardly used it. It didn't work all that great, but why completely abandon it. And Keith hardly touched the ball. If he was still hurt, don't dress him. If he's not, play him!!! WTF???!!?? All in all, great game Calgary, for shame Riders!! But as the start of this post indicates, thank God the season is 18 games long!! I still know we are a better team than the Stamps and on par with the Esks and Lions, but we had a terrible game. This one goes to Calgary, but I refuse to concede defeat till you beat us in the standings at the end of the season.

Go Riders!!!

P.S. Be thankful that our DB's are completely incapable of catching the football because we should have had at least 3-4 more interceptions. Henry looked phenomenal, but we did our part in helping that. But good job Stamps and Great job Henry.

Calgary = 3-15.

Nuff said

Hey, you can win the Grey Cup with an 8-10 record. Not too far off.

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Go Esks.

Dr Rise you really are pathetic. Making up excuses are we. Great game hell yes they spanked the Riders now maybe that will fire them up for the next game. It is only a loss. If you want to lose be sure it is early in the season not late in the season. Now take a valium accept the loss and move on.