THANK GOD: the return of the TD Dance!!!

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Reiterating he doesn't have a problem with endzone dances like Tom Higgins did, Hufnagel appears to have successfully kept football decisions away from ownership (unlike Higgins) and will now run the team his way.

I'm fine with endzone dances. I just hope they don't get out of control again.

finally, the leashes are off of jermaine copland and nik lewis!!

bring back the bob-sled, the bicycle, the line-dances and the relay around commonwealth!!!

The "One" campaign last year was silly. However, I think it is a mistatement to say Higgins had a problem with endzone dances. In fact he was quite tolerant of them. What he was opposed to was when the dancing affected the play. When the dancing was more important than whether the team was winning, then he had a p-roblem.
So by all means, bring back the stupid, ridiculous dances and antics which so disrupted that team. I can't wait...

What may be overlooked by some is the fact that Germaine Copeland had perhaps his finest season last year primarily IMHO because of a change in his attitude. Germaine concentrated on playing football not choreographing routines and his numbers showed it. Now, I have no problem with celebrating TD's, just leave out the childish pre-planned specticles were forced to endure 2 years ago.

Get to the Grey Cup then you can dance all you want.

TD Dances have always been and will always be childish!

:thup: :thup:

Too bad Calgary won't have much to dance about this season! :lol:

Germaine and the boys are working out with the cheer leaders to get some new material.

....and the esks. are working their routines with Danny M.....celebrating a t.d. by 'shuckin and jivin' is part of the long as it's not over-done....dancing in the face of the opposition that causes game disruptions... is a little over the top...but's all harmless...I do think that ballet performances on the sidelines by a certain coach should be banned though... :wink:

As a Stamp, yes.I don't think any of his seasons in Calgary will compare to the ones he had with A.C in Montreal, and also throw in a Grey Cup ring and a special teams TD to seal the deal of that game.

As a fan, I find TD dances and any over-the-top celebrations the most annoying thing to watch.

Heck, we even see some clowns showboating after simply picking up a first down.

Give me a break. Whatever happened to scoring the touchdown, spiking the football, and celebrating "gracefully" with a few teammates?

Whhats wrong with "over the top TD dances?" There funny! On the other hand there funny tell they do it to YOUR team! lol

Go Riders!!!!!!!!!

Actually, are there any other rule changes for this upcoming year? I missed any official announcement of these, maybe this is on the site somewhere?

I guess it depends on your definition of funny. I find them juvenile for the most part and in most cases not original. As I've said in the past, I don't mind TD celebrations as long as they are spontaneous. Choreographed routines are far from spontaneous and far from funny.

I like the idea of having the touchdown dances back cuz its one of the things that distiguish us from the NFL. They get a penalty for it down there don't they?

Best celebration of all time was the sharpie in the sock by TO

Cell phone by Joe Horn and the pylon putt by Chad Johnson easily beat the sharpie.

T.O.'s Spygate beats all! :wink:

My favourite was when Winnipeg and Montreal were the 2 dominant teams in the East and absolutely hated each other a few years back, and Winnipeg was known for their touchdown dances, and a game in Montreal, the Bombers were getting smoked, and the Als receivers, Cope and Cavil performed a dance, while Ben Cahoon was break dancing! I think he did the spinnarooni.

Stamps bobsled was my favorite