Thank god for the NFL..

Thank God the NFL is Back..
Maybe we well get some good players from the Cuts.
Cause Most of these guys are Not Doing their job.
Flags Mistakes Errors Unfinished Drives
Call you want you well but it is bad football

If I Wanted to see Bad Football
I Would go to Watch my Detroit Lions.
I love the Ticats but Frankly as a Diehard Fan.
I am Sick with the Flags and Bad Execution

We have become the Toronto Maple Laughs of the CFL.


Speak on brotha

I thought it was thank god we have something to watch

i switched to the jays game. they lost as well though.


You accuse me of not being a real fan, yet you want to go around wearing a dumb bag on your head and keep on rotating NFL rejects into the line up.

I say 2008 team should be all-Canadian; players who've grown up watching the CFL, who played college football in Canada and know the rules.

Sorry but the Leafs are in a league of their own when it comes to being losers. At least the Cats have won the Cup in recent memory. If you were considering just the last 2 seasons, they'd be neck and neck for pathetic pro team.

An Argo-Cat fan

These posts kill me, if you bring in ROOKIES and cut ROOKIES after 5 games you are going to be stuck bringing in ROOKIES and cutting them at the end of the year for more ROOKIES.

How the heck is anyone on this team going to gel when people are calling for replacements every week.

Well there goes all credibility. NOBODY believes you can win with an All-Canadian lineup. The talent pool is too shallow to find an equivalent player at every position

Because thats guaranteed failure…

anyone remeber bc lions in 94 more than half their team was of non imports who beat a talented all american baltimore stallion team.
it’s not just having the best canadian talent but at where you use your non imports to balance out where you can better use your import skill

NFL cuts are almost never saviours for a team. Sure we'll have more guys we can sign (and then cut) but so what?

They come in after the CFL season is half over, then they have to learn a whole new system and rules they've never heard of before, it's not an easy transition.

p.s. the NFL hasn't started, getting excited about training camp and pre-season is a great waste of your time, every team thinks they're going all the way, even the Lions (and Ti-Cats for that matter). I'll start being interested in September when the games mean something.

Really?... I'm more than well aware of that; I was motivated to make the comment for other reasons...