Thank God for the cross-over

I think this season has proved why the cross-over is a good idea. With only 6 games left, it's not impossible for Toronto and Winnipeg to finish at or above .500, but I'd say it's pretty darn unlikely.

I think a 7-5 teams definitely deserves to be in the playoffs more than a 4-8 team.

now why didnt I think of that :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: 8)

I don’t like the cross-over, the Grey Cup is East vs West, not West vs West or East vs East. it bring in more Unity if its Teams from both sides of the country.

So how did you survive the North-South Grey Cups back in the 90's? Anytime Winnipeg makes it to the GC, its basically an all-west final. An East-West GC should be tossed, because there would be interesting GC match-ups involving teams from the same division. How about a battle of Alberta GC game, or a Hamilton-Toronto game? I would watch either match-up. Its time to let the West/East thing become a thing of the past.

The good thing about the cross-over is that these games still count for a lot. The way it sits right now, the only team that can actually relax about thier play off position is Montreal. The rest of the league still has plenty of fighting to do. That makes for an exciting last few games

…yup the Riders better say thanx for the cross-over…if they keep losing the way have been lately …they’ll need it… :lol:

... and after beating out the Bombers for that spot ... :wink:

I dont care how they get to the show, just so long as they get there.

As a Winnipeg fan I agree with the crossover. Why should the Bombers reach the playoffs when Western teams have a better record. If you only have 5 or 6 wins that hardly is worthy of a playoff spot. The crossover rewards the teams with the better record. It has been obvious this past season that a lot of Winnipeg fans accept losing and the teams mis management. If the Bombers should miss the playoffs, maybe, just maybe, some under achieving Bomber fans will wake up.

I agree that those matches would be quite exciting to watch, but I still like having divisions. It provides some organization to the league, and it keeps the regional rivalries alive.

But the CFL definitely needs to cross-over because of its small size. You don't really see teams under .500 making the playoffs in other leagues, with the NBA being the only exception, and even in that league it doesn't happen that often. But it's more likely to happen in the CFL. The cross-over ensures that the best teams make the playoffs, which makes for a more exciing playoffs.

...more like T.O.....but you can dream-on Sam..... :lol:

Carefull! ro1313 will take you off his Christmas card list! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree this season is the perfect model for why the cross over is good.

Actually Im adding all the other leagues that dont whine about it to my Christmas list! :stuck_out_tongue:

No divisions solves the problem. You can keep the 18 games and have an unbalanced schedual and do the games based on rivals and keep things the same. I mean seriously is there really a point to the divisions? It doesn't work in hockey and with only 8 teams there isn't much of a point.