thank god for David Braley!

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Amen DG, he is a true Canadian.

Its only a matter of time til 2 things happen:
Gets inducted into the CFL HOF
Gets the Order of Canada

Not only has he financially done a lot, he did it smartly. He was a hands off owner and just hired good people and allowed them to do their jobs.

He's been such an enormous patron for the league I seriously worry about what will happen after he's gone. It also makes me wonder why there aren't more like him. It's not as if there aren't plenty of people around with the money.


Yes Thank God,

And thanks to BOB YOUNG !!!!!!!

it depressing that the cfl needed so much from mr braley :cry:

It is sad the CFL needs Braley and Young but also be thankful we have them.

Imagine what the CFL would be like if Murray Pezzim was in their place! :x

Imagine what the Blue Jays would be without Rogers, probably gone south.

Leagues and teams need these sorts of people who have passion for the teams since most teams don't have the luxury of being money maker behemoths like the Yankees or Leafs.

all the more reason to hate rogers

Mr. Braley began his CFL philanthropy back in 1990? saving the Tiger-Cats from extinction . Thank you Mr CFL :thup:

No kidding. He really is Mr. CFL.