Thank God Edmonton has shown their true colours

Week after week, ive been getting tired of Edmonton losing close games, even as they did play like crap, but thats beside the point, they finally came out and showed the rest of the league what they really can do. 37-20 over the undisputed best team in the league?? That sounds like a romping to me!! :wink: i was there tonite and the first half was dominated by edmonton and although BC came back to tie, Edmonton continued to play a full game and took it to BC the last 10 minutes of the 4th quarter. Good job Esks, not only is BC worried about us now, the rest of the league better check themselves cause if they come across a team this revved up, they'd better hope edmonton slows down cause they looked nearly unstoppable....except for the kickingcoughcough haha oh well hopefully it can be fixed.

Its just one game. I don't want to downplay the Esks, as they are a very very good team, but this was just one game.

For me the best thing is that, once again, I've been proven right.

No team will ever go 18-0, and no team will ever go 0-18.

In spite of the media hype around teams that get halfway through the season without a single loss, and in spite of the Cats' close calls in 1997, 2003, and 2005 to going the other way, no one has yet proven me wrong. Now they'll have to wait until next year to try again. Until then I can continue to say:

No team will ever go 18-0, and no team will ever go 0-18.

I doubt that, I say no team will go 0-18, but some team (ah ah BOMBERS!!! excuse me!) will some day go 18-0. But then again, it's looks bad on a league to have one of it teams be undeafeated, cuz that shows lack of talent in the other teams, like the Dolphins showed the NFL in 1972.


Which begs the question BigDave or KK, which is more realistic to obtain? Like the Lions almost proved it, I say the winning streak.

Kevo87, congrats to the Esks but the Lions are still the team to beat in the CFL. Last I checked, 11-1 is a fairly impressive record. We still have a 13 game winning streak at home, and if we lock up the West (which I'm sure we will) than a team has to come into BC Place and try and knock us off there. It felt like I was watching a hockey game yesterday with all the slipping and sliding on the field. Just wait till the Lions clinch the West, and then we'll see who the real team to beat is. One game does not make or break a season.


Might as well let them gloat, its been awhile. Was hoping you
guys would do us a favour but both BC and Toronto laid eggs.

Oh well thankfully we play both Sask and Edm. so we can claim
second without looking for any help.

Thanks for nothing! LOL

Sorry Eskylo, I would've loved to help you this weekend. Trust me, 12-0 would've been sweet. But striving for a perfect season is not as important to me as winning the West and gunning for the Grey Cup at home. We're still in very very good shape to host the Western Final at home, and then it will be winning one game until Grey Cup at home in front of 59,000+ fans!

As long as it was an away loss. Would be nice to see the Lions continue their home winning streak. Didn't expect Lions to go 18-0 so I'm kinda glad the Lions lost so we can stop hearing about the Lions going undefeated and hopefully this will be a wake up call for the Lions.

Better to lose now than in the playoffs. Go Lions.

The Lions didn't play to their full potential in this game.. Edmonton certainly did. As the Leos fans have pointed out here, Edmonton would not be so lucky in BC Place. Especially since now the Lions have a real reason to want to beat them.

I'd say that the more likely -- though it will never happen -- would be the losing streak. To understand why, look at the final game of the year.

A team that's 0-17 has long been out of the playoff race, and is playing for next year. They have absolutely no confidence in their abilities, and have probably found new and exciting ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory during their string of futility.The coaches, who know this is probably their last game at this position, are not so much concerned about a win as they are concerned about finding good players that can start next season. They'll have a lot of rookies, and other players who are unfamiliar with the offensive and defensive schemes, which were probably thrown together a couple of days before the game. They'll take a lot of chances that any other team would not, and will likely pay for their gambles with points. Their opponents, not wanting to be the only ones to lose to this group of losers, will do everything they can to win this game. An 0-17 team has almost no chance of winning their final game.

A team that's 17-0 has first place locked up, and probably has for a month. They've got nothing but bragging rights to gain by risking their starters in their final game. Their main concern at this point is the playoffs. Therefore, they will not field their best possible team, and those that do play will have their heads two weeks in the future. Win or lose, the coaches and the first string players know they will have their jobs waiting for them next year. Though they may still win, that is not as likely as an 0-17 team losing.

But so far, no team has ever been 17-0 or 0-17!

The 2005 Lions were nowhere near as close to going 18-0 as the 2003 Ticats were to going 0-18: they started the year with 12 losses, and managed only one win all season, and that one in overtime!! I doubt anyone will ever get that close again, at least in my lifetime, to perfection.

As for the goose egg, in either end of the equation, sorry to all you optimists and pessimists out there, but it ain't gonna happen. If it ever happens, I'll admit I was wrong; but until it does, I'll hold to that belief with my dying breath.

beat the ARGOS ......1 time and , maybe , then.

BUT as , I wrote here before..............EDMONTON always has tricks at the end of the regular season..........

we will was only 1 game....but a good one for EDMONTON.

If ...........EDMONTON...... are peaking out B.C.

EDMONTON play HAMILTON next............ :twisted:

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap... Very well put ..."we can claim second without any help"...I have echoed those same words....lets hope for a Calgary/Sask Semi final .... and If Sask loses Ill be cheering for you guys.... or absolutely anyone other than Edm.

It is nice that all three teams get to play each other in the weeks
ahead. Should be fun.

Good luck and may the best team win.

It makes the wild wild west more exciting!

just thought I would bring this topic back.

Why bother it was stated that this is just one game big deal.
Hamilton won the game Edmonton lost? So what?

Ya, wow! what a great example of a true rider fan.

It is funny if you read this thread after the Esks beat BC a Rider fan mentions basically nothing to brag about after all it is only one game. This is true but it should apply to a loss too right!

Looks to me like the Esks showed their true colors tonight vs Hamilton. :smiley: