Th Race for the Playoffs

Well with the Tiger-Cats loss Friday night to the Argo's, the race for the playoffs is on in the East just got tighter.

Montreal has a big game today at 1:00pm against visiting Saskatchewan and a win by Montreal could put them in a three way tie with Hamilton and Toronto in first place in the East, with just four games remaining for each team. What could add some drama to this race, is that one of teams might be out in the crossover from the West depending on how they finnish the remaining games which for each of these eastern teams is basically against division rival teams to complete the season.

The Race is on for the Playoffs, Go Cats Go!!

Tiger-Cats remaining schedule:
Oct 17 Ottawa @ Hamilton
Oct 25 Hamilton @ Toronto
Oct 31 Hamilton @ Ottawa
Nov 8 Montreal @ Hamilton

Toronto's remaining schedule:
Oct 18 Montreal @ Toronto
Oct 25 Hamilton @ Toronto
Nov 2 Toronto @ Montreal
Nov 7 Ottawa @ Toronto

Montreal's remaining schedule:
Oct 13 Sask @ Montreal
Oct 18 Montreal @ Toronto
Oct 24 Montreal @ Ottawa
Oct 31 Hamilton @ Montreal
Nov 8 Montreal @ Hamilton

Oct 31st game for Montreal should read Nov 2 against Toronto, instead of Hamilton but still a wild ride between the top three eastern teams toward the playoffs.

The game on Oct 25 in Toronto for the Cats will be a BIG game to win, we have Ottawa twice home and away and Montreal at home. Ottawa’s mathematically not out yet but basically is, with just two wins and four points and four games remaining they would have to win all 4 remaining games just to tie, however Ottawa could play the spoiler team by winning one or two remaining games.

Should be pretty exciting heading to the playoffs.

the way i see it Toronto and Hamilton will keep Montreal from being a factor.

imo of how the standings will look per week. (assuming MTL beats SSK)

week 16
Ham 6-8
Tor 6-8
Mtl 6-8

Ham 7-8 win over Ott
Tor 7-8 win over Mtl
Mtl 6-9 lose to Tor

Ham 8-8 win over Tor
Tor 8-9 lost to Ham
Mtl 7-9 win over Ott

Week 19
Ham 9-8 win over Ott
Tor 9-8 win over Mtl
Mtl 7-10 loss to Tor

Week 20
Ham 10-8 win over MTL
Tor 10-8 win over Ott
Mtl 7-11 lose to Ham.

Toronto and Hamilton end up tie but we win the series week 18. EF at THF. woooooot

Your continuity fell apart a little in the middle. You've got TOR going from 7-8 to 8-9 with a loss to HAM in week 18 and then to 9-8 with a win the next week. If the results are as you predicted TOR will end the season 9-9 and behind HAM not tied. Same impact to the standings and playoff positioning, just different records. I hope you're right!

to be fair to me, that was a lot of math for me at 7am in the morning :smiley:

As a Ti-Cat fan it is difficult to be impartial, but I still think they are the better of the three teams. So many games have been lost late this year, and in many cases the Ti-Cats have been the better team for the majority of the game. The loss this weekend to Toronto, and previously in Montreal were games that they should have closed out. Hopefully the team will learn from these games and not let this happen agian in the next 4 weeks.

Some interesting things to notice about the remaining schedule. The Ti-Cats have the easiest list of oppositions, as they play the RedBlacks twice. The Argos also have an advantage because they play at home 3 times. Montreal is in tough, with only 1 home game, and two games against Toronto.

I don't think it is two hard to predict the Cats and Argos ending up being the teams who make the playoffs. Who will finish first out of those two teams will most likely be decided on the 25th. That collapse on Friday was huge. I think a win would have more or less clinched 1st place.

Going to be a very exciting finish.


It comes down to "who wants it most" I'm hoping the Cats want it! 2 games against Ottawa and another rematch with the Blue team. We can't take Ottawa for granted despite how bad they are. Hamilton has only won one road game this year also. So the cats will have to earn it to get into the playoffs and hopefully get a home game. Go Cats Go!!!

Toronto Argonauts
-------6- 8- 0- 12- 0.0- 375- 390- 4 - 2 - 0 2 - 2 - 0-- 3 W
Montreal Alouettes
-------6- 8- 0- 12- 0.0- 285- 322- 5 - 3 - 0 3 - 1 - 0-- 3 W
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
-------6- 8- 0- 12- 0.0- 314- 323- 5 - 2 - 0 2 - 2 - 0-- 1 L
-------2- 12- 0- 4- 4.0- 225- 369- 2 - 5 - 0 1 - 3 - 0-- 1 L

If a crossover happens, we are on the outside looking in

BC Lions
--------8- 7- 0- 16- 4.5- 333- 272- 4 - 4 - 0 3 - 4 - 0-- 1 W

I don't understand why people think that '1st place' is the preferred position. Sure, 1st place gets you 1 win away from the Grey Cup; but it also makes it difficult to get 'in' the game, after such a layoff.
As far as I remember, the chances of a 2nd, or 3rd place finish team to reach the Grey Cup are greater than a 1st place finish.
Personally, I prefer Hamilton in an underdog position.
The only advantage of a 'bye' week, is to rest injured players.....

Maybe it's just me....

The Eagle

Montreal has a short week as they played today (monday) and have to play on Saturday. I guess they practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Actually out of of the three Eastern teams now tied in first place after today’s victory by Montreal, the Al’s look the strongest team and similar to Toronto have a veteran club with experience, Hamilton is the youngest team in the CFL and still a lot to prove, if they can win their remaining four games or come away with a 3-1 record I think they will win the East, anything less and they could be looking at second spot or worse and get bumped out by a crossover from the West.

The Race is on Tiger-Cats, every game counts now, this time when you get a lead keep adding to it and don’t look back.

An Eastern Final Game at Tim Horton’s Field would be Awesome!!


Crompton was not really that good today

12 of 25 (48%) 225 yrds,
SSK was completely crap!!!!

Agreed but Montreal, Toronto are both finding ways to win and keep the East tight, good teams find ways to win as they say, the Ti-Cats have a good team and each game has been close pretty much the whole season but we just have to learn how to keep scoring as a team and not let teams back in, dumb plays like trying a reverse or running a TD back and celebrating before you hit the end zone won't work, we need to play as a team and win as a team and play a full game.

You left out the 3 TD's and ZERO picks :stuck_out_tongue:

A mixture of both. Crompton, as usual, was very streaky and in the long term, a sub-50% completion percentage and 225 yards isn't going to cut it, especially when all of his TDs basically involved chucking the ball up and trusting the receiver to make a great play. OTOH, he did protect the football (0 interceptions), which is important. Look at Sunseri. That forced fumble off the Cox hit was the turning-point.

I can assure you that your recollection is false, particularly in the East. I can also assure you that every single member of the Ticats organization (and probably almost every fan) would prefer to finish first rather than second.

Yes the last two years the 2nd place team in the east went to the Grey Cup - but the four years before that it was always the first place team that went to the cup from the east.

There's a race?

The point is that Crompton doesn't need to be that good. Als are solid everywhere else. If it comes down to the Cats beating the Als in the last regular season game, Collaros will have to outplay Crompton significantly. I think that's possible, but it is not a given: Crompton has a very good arm.

Not to mention that it might not only come down to the Cats winning but winning by a margin of at least 8 pts if both teams wind up tied in points at the end of the season,thanks to the total brain fart they had in Mtl earlier on when they imploded and ended up losing the game by a 7 point margin...38-31. The Cats could actually see themselves in the situation of needing an 8 pt victory or better in that last game of the season to qualify for the play-offs. It's amazing to me that the 2 most absolute must win games they've played this year against the Al's and the Blows are the 2 games that they totally inexplicably choked in and ended up gift wrapping as wins for both those teams,simply put we have to defeat the Blows and the Al's,as strange as it sounds the only team we can afford a loss to is the one team we should destroy that being the RB's. So as I've said earlier,let's hope the team can go on another 4 game win streak to end the season and take all doubt out of the matter of where they'll end up this season. I personally don't give a damn if it's the Al's or Blows who miss the play-offs if it comes down to a crossover and with one more Lion victory it will all but assure of only 2 Eastern teams in the play-offs this season. For me anyway it's 1rst place or bust,I'm not interested in playing in a Semi-final game,let that happen in either Toronto or Montreal this year,personally sitting in THF for the East final against the survivor will suit me just fine.