TH Field Concern For Grey Cup ATTN TiCat Fans

I need input from Cats fans as I am not familiar with Hamilton .

I talked to a friend who lived in Hamilton and now lives in Burlington.
I mentioned that now that there has been a major stadium upgrade , that Ham will be in the rotation. ( 2016 )?

He feels that a new stadium is not the issue. States the problem is location. In a residential area, with poor public transportation, limited hotels and can not handle the flow volume.
He says Toronto needs to be hosting future GC's . in that area.

It has been a long time since he has lived in the Hammer, and I am thinking things have changed, so I ask ? Is he right ?

Why has Hamilton not in the rotation since 96 ?
I thought it was because Ivor Wynne was just to outdated to host a GC or because in 96 it bombed for attendance.

Hamilton needs to be in the rotation . I hope 2016 and Ott 2017.

Bobo, can you hear me ?

Residential area and transportation is a minimal concern. Hamilton and Regina are very compatible for old stadiums and stadium situation/location. Regina, much the same, pulled off a very successful GC. They had the cashflow to make pretty good upgrades and improve others on a temporary basis. Had they not, they would not have hosted the game. Hamilton has a new facility so does not have the same woes any more. There is no reason that they can not host now. They will need temporary stands, but hosting will recoup may not have a couple seasons back.

Bob Young used the Grey Cup as leverage to get a new stadium for the Tigercats to ensure the teams long term future... By refusing to bid on Grey Cups, he basicly told the city that you will not get the 50odd million dollar windfall the Grey Cup insures for a community unless you invest in the team... He has full intentions on bidding for future Grey Cups now that Hamilton has a stadium... The transport does suck , but peoe will just have to go early... The hotel situation is not really a problem... People who book their trips late will just have to stay in TO and take the Go Train Bus (sounds stupid, but the best way to get from downtown TO to Hamilton is a Bus that is part of the go train system)

It is in a residential area but that would not be an issue for the Grey Cup. They likely would hold any parties downtown at the convention centre.

With all the Pan Am soccer games this summer there will be a security areas within a block of the stadium for residents and ticket holders only with all kind of Pan Am parties and outdoor stages for 'partying' to be set up downtown in Gore Park and nearby Gage Park with shuttles running between those places and the stadium. They will also be running shuttle busses from the new GO Train station with all day GO Train service between Hamilton and Toronto starting once that station opens this summer. ... ation.aspx

I would imagine a similar set-up would be done for a Grey Cup here.

Here are some pictures I've taken at Tim Horton's Field where you can see the residential neighbourhood it is in.

Ok , big thanks to the 3 of you . Good clear info .
Travel, great pictures.

The issues with Hamilton holding a Grey Cup is the fact that its’ a 24k stadium and there is a huge added expense to put in temporary seating to bring it up to around 35k to 38k range. They can It’s a one time event so laying on extra shuttle buses etc is not a problem. There are not a lot of hotel rooms in Hamilton, but thousands available in the outlying areas of Toronto and Niagara region.

Ott TD Place is also 24,000. They will have a hard time getting temp seats. There is an apt building on one end and trees on the other end.

I do not want to go OT. However, do those living in that area not smell the pollution? Those pics look bad.
I hope those stacks are turned off during game day at least.

The zoom makes that look closer than it is. Those Dofasco steel smoke stacks are probably about 2 km from the stadium - and no they are not turned off for games. (Also those stacks are northeast of the stadium and the prevailing winds blow the smoke away from the stadium).

Very few times have a smelled bad air when attending games. Looks closer than it is as Travel says. Not far from the steel factories are some million dollar and more waterfront properties on Lake Ontario.

The question was about Hamilton NOT Ottawa.

Ottawa would never be able to get over 50,000 seats like they did for the 04 Grey Cup
Trees at one end in Ottawa? I was there 3 times last season and there are no trees at one end. Unless you mean these tiny fir trees outside of the stadium?

[url=] ... otostream/[/url]

At the East end there is a berm (a grass hill) where temp stands could be put in. At the other end where that condo building is, there is a berm too, the condo building is set back behind the raised walkway, the scoreboard is also on that raised walkway, so temp stands could be put in there too below where the scoreboard is located.
Check out these pics which show the two end zone areas

[url=] ... 693733552/[/url] [url=] ... otostream/[/url] [url=] ... otostream/[/url]

If the Argos get a lease for BMO they are also going to have problems getting many temp seats in too. The Rogers Centre will be baseball specific in a few years so we can rule that out for CFL football.
Same in Montreal which is at the max capacity for that footprint. The Olympic stadium doesn't look like they will get a new roof for many years so they can rule that out too.

Good to know. I only brought up Ott because the stadiums are similar. Still on point. I brought it up about the temp seats because of the virtual seating on the RB site. It looked like it would be a challenge.
Thanks for making things clear though.
Also, thanks for sharing those great pics.

Trust me brihind, the only time the air smells really bad at THF it seems is when the Argos are in town. :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

And in Hamilton they are making steel which means they are burning a lot of coal, which is not that smelly.
Besides them smokestacks are quite high and with the predominant West to East winds the smoke gets blown towards
TO. It's not like Hamilton is a chemical city where they would be burning smelly chemicals, try living near a pulp and paper mill, that has to be the worst smell.

Keep also in mind with those pics, the middle picture really showcases just how much room THF has available to allocate to temporary seating, even before you consider closing down Canon St. That staging area and that circular ice rink area is very large. The other endzone is a bit of a different story due to the scoreboard's presence. That said, temp seating similar to Calgary's last Grey Cup is still a possibility with how much space is back there, even before you consider extending the seating to the road.

That is why they call it Onterrible!!!

Actually, not much steel made in Hamilton these days compared to the old times. Not really an industrial city anymore.

BTW, I hope everyone knows the " turn off during game day " remark was a joke right ?
So Steeltown is just an unofficial nickname now ?
Kinda like Edmonton is the City Of Champions. No GC since 2005 and no longer has a hockey team.

Tsk tsk Bungle man. That Ontario comment was uncalled for. Give yourself a timeout and repent.

Yup we're trying to get a prettier image out there, so no more promoting the city as Steeltown and more promotions along the lines of 'The City of Waterfalls'. This is a video I actually made on my Blackberry just from from pics and videos I had taken on it when cycling around Hamilton. I actually made this video with an app on my Blackberry while stuck in traffic on the GO Bus going to a game in Toronto. So it was a combination sports/film making day. lol

There are about 140 cascades and waterfalls in Hamilton.

Steel is still made in Hamilton, and especially now with our dollar bellow the U.S. it’s picked up again, but it’s no longer the single driver of Hamilton’s economy like it used to be in the 40s-80s. This is especially true since U.S Steel took over Stelco and is now trying to claim after buying the plant that U.S Steel Canada is bankrupt and the primary creditor is U.S. Steel US (You can thank Harper and the Cons for that one, and for approving the terms of sale, but I digress).

Now the Healthcare sector has taken a big boom and I believe is now the primary employer. St. Joeseph’s Health Care has a premier cancer facility at Henderson Hospital (I will always call it Henderson), McMaster has some of the best research facilities and sports medicine facilities in the country and child medicine centre at the University’s campus, and St. Joe’s has new mental illness facilities are on the mountain close to Mohawk College (who I believe has their own nursing program) and a new family medicine campus being built downtown.

The arts sector on James St N is also a bit of a boom industry with the successes of Art Crawl and Supercrawl, but also I’m to understand Ottawa St and Locke St are also locations for that sort of thing, although Locke is more about Food and Ottawa is more about Textiles. That is also kinda of driving Hamilton real estate which is exploding like crazy, mainly because of how unaffordable Toronto and the Burlington/Oakville corridor has become. There are people who simply want to live in a city and be able to walk to shop for everything they need, and Hamilton has that niche. There is a lot of talk that when the new GO Train station opens up and all day service begins to Toronto, that a lot more high rise is likely to follow in Hamilton.

The city here really is on the up swing.