....well almost

Jeff Mathews band's time to shine..

Stats by the numbers..

Total Offence per game
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 383.1 (The BUMCRACKS Knocked us off our perch)
4. Calgary Stampeders 370.6

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 306.8 (damn BUMCRACKS)
3. Calgary Stampeders 280.5

5. Calgary Stampeders 90.1
8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 76.3 (hopefully built Ford tough changes this)

Total Defence
3. Calgary Stampeders 328.2
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 336.5

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 248.0
4. Calgary Stampeders 252.1

3. Calgary Stampeders 76.2
4. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 88.5

We have home field advantage but obviously the big unknown is Jeff.

Cant imagine we would be the favourites on Friday but I think we steal a win with a steel curtain defence and money Medlock

Matthews looked good in practice yesterday, I think he'll be ok!
I feel an upset in the making. Can't wait until Friday!!

I think that this team can do it but I'm not surprised that most won't favour them to win until they see more of Mathews.

GO JEFF!! GO TICATS!!! :rockin:

heck to the yah!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: