TFC players now blaming the Argos.

Can you say whining men's soccer SUCKS???

The little Italian guy and one other said the field conditions caused issues. What caused issues was their play and the Seattle goalie. hahaha. They made the final and as men's soccer players do, they act like sucks on and off the field.

Men's soccer the game for sucks!!!!!! Both players and fans. All suck all the time. You don't want to go into a men's soccer change room unless you're into that. haha.

I thought the field looked like it was in good shape. They were fortunate it wasn't snowing which would have been a big problem for soccer I would think. I was kind of hoping it would snow. :slight_smile:

I was hoping for pissing rain and 2 degrees with a strong wind off the lake. You know like the 82 Grey Cup at CNE. haha.

I'm blaming TFC for the shape the Argos are in, just because.

I agree with you

TFC now blaming it on Copeland for not hiring a GM and coach.