TFC becoming irrelevant in Toronto?

With their last 4 games "announced" attendance from 5 to 7,000 (actual probably 2 to 4,000), MLSE is probably hemorrhaging 10's of millions with this team. Expansion fee pie is getting smaller, with more teams getting a share. How long before MLSE will sell them before their market value collapses?


MLSE is in for the long haul. They paid for their team for a several millions decades ago. It's the pandemic protocols that are affecting attendance


TFC much like the Argos announce their attendance based on scanned as opposed to sold and distributed so with capacity restrictions plus a poor record they're getting historical lows.

But I do see the double standard when the Argos have small crowds (which they will tonight) the media will be all over it and questioning MLSE's commitment. Yet with TFC getting smaller crowds so far this year, barley a peep.


Don't look now, but Forge FC has a pretty good chance of earning themselves a 2022 Champions League birth via the Concacaf League Tournament. They are one of 7 teams still alive, and six will get a Champions League bid. So barring a total face plant...

If so then that would be the first time that Canada ever got two teams in. Unless of course they also win the Voyageurs cup, which would be funny.

But to be fair, TFC has had a disasterous season and many of their 15k season ticket holders are just not showing up. Attendance is counted by people entering the stadium.
I don't think the Argos have many season ticket holders, it's frustrating to buy season tickets when you can buy the $20 seats and sit anywhere.
The Argos are in 1st place and entertaining they should be drawing more.

I see that Drake was at BMO last night to meet Alphonso Davies and watch Canada beat Panama in front of 26,000.
Argos need someone like Drake to come to games

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Oh I agree, there's a rationale why TFC crowds are low. The Pandemic has played a role in it too. Lots of work to rebuild the Argos fan base but it doesn't help when the media piles on the small crowds all the time without context and ignore other teams attendance being down.

I really don't think this is the year to look at attendance as the norm. The Leafs didn't even sell out their home opener against Montreal as many other teams didn't either, the next 2 games have lots of availability too. Makes sense the Argos would be down as well this year

Yes, I think that next year will be the fresh start and with a successful finish this year they will be doing a lot of marketing over the winter.

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This is a narrow short term view. You need to think bigger because soccer is a big picture sport.

The World Cup is coming to BMO Field in 2026. MLS tv rights are up for renewal in a year or so. Canada men are on the cusp of making the 2022 World Cup. We just had the largest attendance for a Canada men's match since 1993.

While TFC hasn't shown to be a selling team, a few sales to Europe will easily cover a drop off in attendance. They haven't shown yet that they know how to develop youth talent consistently but their academy has access to one of top 3 biggest pool of talent in Canada/US.

I think we will see another upgrade to BMO for 2026 not just temp stands at either end. Probably a new west stand with an upper deck.

Another reason TFC attendance is so bad is because season ticket holders have the option to opt in to each game individually this year. So, many are just deciding not to go to watch due to covid, bad team or other since, they can just roll that ticket over to next year.

Last game it didn't look like very many at the TFC game. The announcers mentioned it and were sort of embarrassed by the low turn out. I was embarrassed and I don't even follow this team.

Announced attendance was 7490 which represents people who actually entered stadium. This is the first one since capacity limits were removed.

Not too far off Argo weekend crowds (less games vs. Hamilton) this year

I don't think there was anywhere near that many. only a spattering of seats on the TV.

I think that they may have been counting limbs and not bodies!! :wink:

As explained previously, TFC has over 15,000 season tickets and a waiting list for tickets, season tickets are money in the bank. When the team has been playing as bad as they have many fans not showing up.
But it was great to see 26,000 show up last Wednesday night to watch Canada play Panama at BMO.

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what was attendance last night?


Again this is without capacity restrictions and a rivalry game, granted it's based on scanned attendance.

There half of the Argo crowds have been larger this year. Curious to see what this Saturday looks like

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seeing the fans in the stands sat night i can't believe 8095 were at the game if most of the seats were empty

But why are you surprised? they are in last place no hope for this season and a cold evening.
But they do have 15,000 season tickets, which is money in the bank but most fans are staying home.

I don't have a problem with the fans writing off the season, I do have a problem with the fake attendance numbers.

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