TFC and the MLS Final.

To all of those TFC fans who shoot their mouths off about The Toronto Argonauts, the oldest pro sports franchise in North America, hahahaha!! Treat the Argonauts with respect. Karma has hit the Jays and now TFC straight in the nuts.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I don’t know about you, but I would’ve preferred the Argos be Grey Cup runners-up than last in the league.

Good on TFC for finishing in 2nd in their league. :thup:

Yup - and electrifying TO much like the Raptors did last spring and the Jays have done the last two Octobers.

Now if only one of these damn teams I cheer for (of which I include the Cats - not the Argos) would only win one of these championship games or series. It's been awhile.

Leafs - 1967
Cats - 1999
Jays - 1993
Raps - never
Bills - never (at least not in the NFL)
TFC - never

It's tough being the sports fan me. lol

Well, things look good for TFC in the forseeable future.

But might I suggest following the Rock in the NLL? Preseason just got underway, and they won their 6th championship just 5 years ago, and there's no Hamilton team to divide your loyalty.

Looks good on TFC and the Red Crotch Boys! :twisted:

The Curse of Argos Past will continue for The Jays and TFC until some respect is shown towards the Argonauts by both. Karma baby Karma. I'm not a religious guy but Karma is real. The ghost of Norm Cassola helped steer that one ball off the line for Seattle.

TFC winners of squat.

Well I did put a curse on any sports franchise that is owned in whole or in part by Rogers (Jays, Leafs, Raptors and TFC). I am glad it is still working!!! I am a REDBLACKS fan, but I wish every success for the Argos, just not against my team.

Tried to watch some of the game but I couldn't, not my thing, so I went back to watching my Habs destroy the Avs. Watched the shootout on Sportscentre this morning, tough way to lose for the TFC gang but hey, that's the way it goes in sports.

Sounds like I didn't miss much not watching the game according to this commenter:


Congratulations are in order for bringing another championship to Seattle. The world's "most popular sport" once again proved to be boring. Drinking alcohol and Gregorian chanting will get you thru. If you have not seen the Simpson's several minute parody on soccer you should. It says it all.
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hahaha. That's what I call it Gregorian chanting and waving little scarves. LAME!!!!

I'm with rcon about the Rogers hate. They couldn't believe when I ditched my cel plan with them since I'd been with them since day one.They care about filling their pockets and nothing more.


Maybe the TFC goalkeeper (or what ever you call them in a cut-rate soccer league) was frozen stiff when it came to the shoot-out. Turd Fucking Cutters = TFC

Oh ya, Red Patch Boys = Hope Solo.

:thup: Liquor, I will give the soccer boys credit for not sending the players out on the frozen Canadian tundra with full length pant suits, they kept the shorties with high socks, or so it look liked it at any rate. Good on them for that.

Now the little Italian and another TFC guy are blaming the Argos for the loss. hahahaha. Whining little sucks. They made the final and weren't good enough to score so it's the CFL's fault. Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you ... Hope Solo.

To be fair, one of them is outright saying "Expecting 100% perfect turf every time isn't going to happen. You have to accept that. The grounds crew did a magnificent job, and of course it's not as good as last year." which is pretty much to be expected

Somebody should remind them - they are in Canada and they didn’t play any home games in November and December any previous season. No matter how good the grounds crew and heating system - you are not going to have summer like pristine grass in late November or December regardless of one football game being played on it since October.

Correct me I am wrong, but didn't Seattle play on the same field?? Typical soccer whiner.... sorry Pat , it just slipped out. :wink:

Final FOX numbers up a bit from overnights + 601,000 on Spanish language Univision and you end up with a final TV rating for North America that is more than triple last year's MLS Cup and 1.5 million more than two years ago.

Fox: 1.411 million
Univision: 601,000
TSN: 1.42 million
RDS: 92,000

U.S. & Canada combined: 3.524 million

MLS has got to be happy with that.

It's too bad one of the Seattle players doesn't tweet out we have no problem with sharing our stadium with the Seahawks football team not sure why it's an excuse .