Texas Ti-cat fan in town for a couple days

Hello, I'm a Ti-cat from from Texas in town for a couple days. What are some bars or stores that are heavy in Ti-cat flavor ?

Welcome to the frozen north. Philthy McNasty's on Upper James on Hamilton mountain is a good place to start. Partially owned by a current TiCat and former TiCats. Have fun.

the best place to go i'd have to say the endzone bar&grill located at 1900 king street east ,they also sponsor the ticats .

Attic Pizza is a Great Place too!

If you're looking for Tiger Cat souvenirs, shirts, hats, etc. try the Roar Store (or is it teh Tiger Cat store now?) at the Centre Mall on Barton Street between Kenilworth and Ottawa Streets.

Not what you asked for, but if you're looking for something a bit different, there's a huge motorcycle rally Friday in a tiny town called Port Dover, about 45 minutes South of Hamilton on the Lake Erie shore.

It's happens every Friday the 13th, no matter when it falls, and the number of bikes varies with the weather - 2 or 3,000 bikes for a dead of winter Friday, 30,000+ bikes for a mid-summer Friday. Friday is supposed to warm up a bit, so you can expect somewhere in the middle, still a lot of bikes. Especially in a town of 5,000 residents. They shut down the town, line the bikes up by the thousands up and down the main streets, open up beer tents - a lot of the bikes are tricked out and even if you don't have any interest in motorcycles, it's something to see.

Ticat connection? - not much, but if you go, have a beer at the Norfolk Tavern, at the town's main intersection - Jason Maas, soon after he arrived in Hamilton last year, rode out and left a couple of signed jerseys that hang over the bar, and I watch a lot of the weekend Ticat away games there. The place has a rough reputation but it isn't bad.

Hutch's by the beach has a lot of the older Ti-Cats memorabelia, and some OK tasting burgers too.

Is the Mandarin still around? I heard they serve up some good Cats stuff too :wink:

Is the Mandarin still around? I heard they serve up some good Cats stuff too
Yup, it's still there The Meow Mein is purrrrrfect :lol: