Texas Rangers staying in Arlington with new stadium

I didn't know they "need" a new stadium. :wink:

Rangers and Arlington both win with pointless new stadium

Picture the following: You invest $250,000 to build a house with the intention that after 30 years not only will it be paid off in full but you will then immediately have that perfectly good home demolished.

Not only is such logic asinine and financially detrimental but it is the norm in the maddening con game that is American professional sports “home building.?

The Ballpark in Arlington is 22, which means that archaic piece of junk has got to go. Just hope and pray the new one has transgender toilets.

However you cut it, Friday’s announcement in Arlington City Hall that city officials and the Rangers “found? an agreement to remain partners is good for Tarrant County and Arlington, but a new stadium is needless.

No one wants to see the Rangers leave Arlington, their first home in Texas, but all that happened on Friday is that an ownership group just made more money, and they did so by simply flirting with Dallas....

This deal is another example of our maddening paradox that makes up a large chunk of the U.S. economy; we are told to save and not buy “stuff we don’t need? and yet our financial system cracks and stalls because we are not buying “stuff we don’t need.?

A new baseball stadium in Arlington is more stuff we don’t need.

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I heard about this. Absolutely ridiculous.

Yes dg, looks like a very nice stadium to me "still" after all those 22 years. :roll:

I'd be pissed if I was a taxpayer and having to put any money into a new stadium for the Rangers with the stadium they currently have.

And this has to go on a ballot this November so at least the taxpayers will have a say but look out for the spin campaign with the catchphrase 'economic impact' over the next 6 months.

Though if the voter reject the ballot, the next 7 years (remaining on the current lease), can make for some good popcorn time with apparently Dallas proper looking to woo them over.