Texans fire offensive coordinator........

Associated Grocers Press

9/19/2005 12:19:55 PM

HOUSTON (AP) - The Houston Texans fired offensive co-ordinator Chris Palmer on Monday following the team's second straight embarrassing loss.

Palmer, who has been the offensive co-ordinator since the team's inception, also called the plays. Palmer joined the Texans after being fired following one season as coach of the Cleveland Browns.

In Sunday's game, quarterback David Carr appeared to be confused and bewildered. He was sacked eight times - the most since the expansion year in 2002 and one shy of the most in the team's 50-game history.

Palmer could not be reached for comment at his Houston area home and was reportedly seen boarding a United Airlines flight for Ottawa Canada accompanied by NFL legend Forrest Gregg.

Redandwhite this is not funny! This is a sick joke right!

y did u post this?...how does this relate to the CFL?

DG, Have you seen this guy coach! If they are bringing him up to Ottawa what do you think will happen that team will get better. Any thing Forrest Greg touchs turns to bankrupcty

.......dg, caught you not reading the entire article........comedy owes no explanation.......the clue is in the tagline........

huh.....i was askin HOW THIS RELATES TO THE CFL.....redandwhite2005 answered it for me....that he might coach the renegades and hes a crappy coach....i dont follow nfl so i didnt know....and the article didnt provide much clarification....so i didnt know if it meant he might coach the 'gades, and if so, is that good or bad.....now i get it.....sheeesh

It is okay DG we forgive you. I watch very little NFL myself but I do know the story behind this and I can tell you if you thought Lancaster Junior is a bone head at callinbg plays this guy would make him look like coach of the year material!

thanks...it just said NFL legend forest greg.....i didnt know who that was or if hes a player or what...haahahaha....i was lost with that one!