I am not crazy about the new format at all.
How do I edit a post after I post it?
I just opened a tread that I never opened before because it never interested me…I have to scroll through hundreds of post to get to the end because there are no pages
At least the file upload size has been increased…I think, I have not posted it yet

Are… are you the Alouettes mascot?

Yeah, the fact that the new site doesn’t know what post you read last does suck considering how many huge ongoing topics we have here but people’ll have to adjust on that one. You can hit the “End” key on a desktop/laptop to automatically go to the last post in a topic though.

Na, not the mascot
I found how to edit…and why do I get a badge for liking someone’s post…I should get a badge if someone likes my post

You get a badge for both actions!

Ah…now how do you quote a post?

Im not the Mascot but I am in this pic

Nice watch … LOL (?)

Sully, the Naim Audio forum is very similar to this one. I suspect it is the same software. With that forum, it remembers where you left off in a thread.

Just click the bubble on the left side on top after clicking reply.



You said previously that you were in the picture … one person has a watch visible … so basically asked it that was you … it was a joke(?)

No that is not me…keep guessing

With your mouse highlight the portion of the comment you wish to quote. The word “quote” will pop up in blue on the comment. Click on it, and a reply window with the quote already on it will open.

Well, since I have a thing for redheads don’t really care otherwise … LOL


Left of the new owner?

Left of the owner? :wink:

This is some getting use to…


Testing, but the tweet is indeed a good question…