roger? Rabitt?

Did I pass????

Is this a test of the emergency broadcast system????????

…if it was, I didn’t hear that annoying beep that is supposed to follow…

sam is either:

a) trying out his new single digit typing skills after being immersed in a body cast, or
b) saving mental energy but letting us know he has an exam later today, or
c) articulating what he would do if asked by a Rider player how to determine his STD status.


This was only a test.
Had this been a real emergency you would have been given instructions on how to run out of your homes while screaming and flailing your arms above your heads in a mindless manner

That is all

Refreshing thread.

Almost as good as the warning one, but at least that one contained information, however useless it turned out to be.

I heard enough of those emergency broadcast system things this summer with all the flooding, I never really knew they worked.

I love these topics cuz they make my topics look really good.

great topic!

over and out.