Test your Hamilton TigerCat I.Q.

Let's lighten things up a bit. Here goes...

Test Questions

Hamilton is on it's one yard line. You're their receiver. How do you score a touch down?

22 five yard passes.

How long does it take the Hamilton's hurry up offense to score a touchdown?

We don't know. They haven't scored one yet.

Anyone else want to add a test question?

What do you say after losing your third straight game to start the season?

“Isn’t this fun!”

How wide is the CFL goalposts?

Answer: Not wide enough.

Who throws a better interception ball.. Danny Mac or Jason Mass?

Answer: Danny Mac...at least he throws them so they are returned for touchdowns. That way we do not have to watch the horrible defence.

How long does it take a team to get called for every infraction in the rule book?

Answer: One half if coached by Marshall.

Is it easier to find Waldo or DJ Flick in the Ticat playbook?

Answer: Waldo...at least Maas and Paopao have heard of him...

Some more questions:

What does a prevent defense prevent?
Prevents a win!

What is a catch 22?
Throw Wayne Shaw 100 footballs and he will catch 22!

How many CFL teams have lost at home?..1

How many CFL teams are winless?...1

How many CFL refs does it take to throw a flag when a Cat QB is hit late?
We are not sure, it does not seem to happen.

Who is Mike Morreale?
Not sure, haven't seen him in so long.