TE's in the CIS

It is obvious TE's are not used much in CFL... What about the CIS? (Canadian Interuniversity sport)

Not whole lot. at least not out West. don't know about the East

This girl I dated once had a pretty tight...oh you mean football......????

Have to agree with Billy, Didn't see TE often. Some times on third and short they would be put in as extra blocking.

BC used them against Montreals blitzing defense last year.

I've seen them in The BC Junior football league a few times. Chilliwack uses them from time to time.

The rumour is now spreading everywhere: Sportsmen f*cked a tight end !

In my dreams…sigh…

Read the post…dated!

Still better than having a slutback.

Reminds me of a joke.

A QB was in divorce court. The judge asked "On what grounds?"
The QB looked at his lawyer puzzled.
"Infidelity, she slept around on you." whispered the Lawyer..
Again the QB had a puzzled look.
The lawyer growled. "You thought you were getting a tight end, but got instead a wide receiver."

The QB nodded his head.

Better watch it Sportsmen,Detor will be sending you messages!!!

oooo man that must hurt Detor …BTW who is Detor? Anyway I am so glad those ZINGERS were not meant for me.
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I will only use happy faces in response to her posts since she cannot read.


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No his happy faces are to tell you he is above posting retorts to you. I would rather he would just ignore you then make frivolous posts. but hey he can do whatever he wants.

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that wasn't a comback. and there was no joke. I am just trying to explain things to you. When you see someone doesn't understand things, and is just standing there like a deer in headlights. I try to help them.

It is called defeat Billy.
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sask didn't you say you would be nice! :slight_smile:
i know it is tough sometimes.