Terry Vaughn

On Ticats Website He Had 9 Receptions Away From Cfl All Time Receptions Record.
Now He Have 10???

9 to tie it, 10 to break it.

11 to be 1 further

i see your eleven and i raise you one more to 12.

(betcha can't beat my royal flush tho)

woops... wrong game...

sorry all...

Anyone know how far he is from Pitts' career yardage record?

about a decade...

From google and my calculator subtraction, 1624 yards.

So - about a year-and-a-half...

I'll be torn about this record. Although TV is now a Ticat, most of those catches will have been with other teams, while a good number (including the last) of Flutie's were with the Black and Gold. Sure I'll cheer when he breaks the record, it'll just feel a bit odd is all.

The King is dead. All hail the King.

that’s right, a metric decade…


The all-time recieving records I personally "endorse" are those by layers playing on the same team for their entire careers. Rocky DiPietro, Don Narcisse, and Ray Elgaard come to mind...

How'd you know I used that site?

more from when it was set really....

lol. when did pitts retire anyway? 99? 2000?

There is Count Down on Right Side of Main Page..


aye, in case anyone was still wondering, i think the Spec cleared it up yesterday.

Terry was creditted with four catches last game instead of the three he actually got. It has been changed back to three. therefore the number of catches left has gone from 9 to 10.


terry vaughn played a great game and
now we have a kicker maybe he can punt?

terry vaughn played a great game and
now we have a kicker maybe he can punt?