Terry Vaughn

I know Terry Vaughn is now playing for Montreal Alouettes. I had the plaeasure of visiting Edmonton may times in the past 5 years and used to frequent his restaurant quite often. Has the place closed up, or is he still running it? I hope to be in Edmonton some time this summer (probably timed for the Argos' visit there) and was hoping to return to the restaurant. I would appreciate it if one of you Edmontonians could answer. I like your city... too bad your football stadium sucks. I will have to take my telescope for the game. My binoculars were not strong enough for me to read the players numbers at the last game I was at.

Terry Vaughn's sports bar and lounge is no more. The restaurant was sold to someone else last fall.

It's still the same, but it seems like all the new owners did was change the sign outside to something like "River City Sports Bar" or something. Oh well, I think Whyte Avenue is better place to go after a game anyways.

As for Commonwealth Stadium, you need to sit in the lower deck or the bottom half of the upper deck. The top half of the upper level is tough to follow unless you know all the players by their jersey number.

Thanks for the reply. I was sitting about half way up the stadium, and could barely see the player numbers.

There is nothing wrong with the upper deck. I sit in Section F Row 68. I can see all of the actions and the players numbers. Lower Deck is good too but not if you are less than half way down. Football is best viewed from an ariel view so you can see how the plays develop.

After the game, I recommend the End Zone Pub. It is a pub right across the street from the stadium. It is a bit seedy but all of the hardcore fans go there after the game and the atmosphere is rocking.

Before the game go to the Norwood Legion for the cheap Ukranian Buffet and Cheap Beer.

Save Whyte ave for another night, true football fans dont hang out there after the game, just the guys who brought their girlfriends to the game.