Terry Vaughn?

Hey anyone know the status of Terry Vaughn right now? Didn't he only sign a 1 year contract?

No Terry was a Trade so we get his contract as Well . it was a 2 year deal I think. so it has one more year.

i thought it was 1 year? i remeber reading an artile saying we could loose players like hitchcock, vaughn n ranek once.

I think that with Taaffe back in town, that Terry could be of real use and I think we'll be seeing his number alot more. What you guys think?

PS Who did we trade for?

if the contract was for 1 year this year would be his option year and he would be available to the nfl and i dont think thats going to happen so he should be a ticat this season but this is only a guess

Terry Vaughn is not a free agent this year, he’s not on the free agent tracker at CFL.ca

We traded a conditional draft pick to Montreal for Terry Vaughn. Something like a 5th rounder if he didn't make our team, and a 4th if he did. So if my memory is right we gave up a 4th rounder for him.

I woud like to see Terry back for 2007. I think a Taaffe-led offense will be an upgrade and that should mean Terry will have much better numbers (especially TD-wise) next season.

Let's be clear: after 4-14, no one's job should be safe. Training camp ought to be wide open.

Oski Wee Wee,

It'd be great to see Terry back for the 2007 season. I agree with a season like they had. It should be open to everyone.

I think that's what the cats will be doing (open competition for the jobs). They'd be silly not to.

I think that was because Terry was talking about retiring. I read a quote from him where he said he might move into coaching or something.

I'll be really surprised if Terry Vaughn plays for the 'Cats this year.


Well since you asked Reider. I think his age and attitude will be a big factor on whether he will play this season for the 'Cats. When Marcel Desjardins mentioned players who "quit" on the team last year, Terry Vaughn was the first player to come to mind. While I understand his frustration at not getting his annual 1,000 yards+ in receiving, I watched him pack it in on several plays last year when the ball wasn't coming his way. Terry Vaughn has been a great receiver in the CFL. I just don't see the final chapter in his career being played out in Hamilton this year.

Hey there M-pope,

I never seen Vaughan quit last year on any play.
The guy has a great attitude. What is needed is a qb who can get the ball to him more.
As far as his age is concerned, he played like he was twenty-four, not thirty-four.....the guy is in great shape.
The Cat's would be crazy not bringing him back.

that's my two-bits worth :cowboy:

if Marty York's alleged interview
with Terry Vaughn last July
in www.metronews.ca is true

It gives the impression that Terry
only cares about one person...himself.

NOT the type of guy I want on my team.

an excerpt...'if Lancaster's right,
the odds of a playoff qualification
are not exactly in the Ticats' favour.


Well, according to Hamilton's
record-setting receiver, Terry Vaughn,

we shouldn't be.

Oh, and I get the impression Vaughn thinks
those of us who figured the Ticats
would be a strong team this season

were, well, out to lunch.

"Why would you think we were
going to be so good?"

Vaughn asked me.

"Who do we have that's
so established in the CFL?"

"Well," I replied,

"there's you, and you have more catches
than any player in the CFL history.

And there's your quarterback, Jason Maas,
who had lots of success with Edmonton.

And there's Corey Holmes, who was
the best player in the Western Division
last year with Saskatchewan."

"Yeah, okay, there's those three guys,"
Vaughn said,

"but it takes a lot more guys
to make a good team.

Who else do we have that's proven?"

"Well," I replied again,

"there's Josh Ranek, I guess.
He was pretty good with Ottawa."

"Yeah, okay, so even if you
want to include Ranek,

the fact is that Ranek and Holmes

are never on the field at the same time
(because they play the same position),

so who else is there?"

Dead air. . .

"Who else do we have?" Vaughn asked again.

"I mean, are you going to tell me

(receivers) Brock Ralph and Kamau Peterson
have proven themselves in this league?

They've been playing for a few years,
but they're far from established, right?"

Okay, Terry, you got me. I stand corrected.

But, hey, shouldn't Maas
be performing better than he has?

"He was very good in Edmonton when he was
doing things he knows how to do,"

Vaughn said.

"He's being asked to do a lot
of different things now,

and that's tough on him, although
he's getting better at it."

Vaughn has records and Grey Cup rings
and 12 consecutive 1,000-yard seasons
as a receiver,

but what makes him proudest
is the fact that
he's always been a winner.

This season, that streak is in jeopardy,
and I find that a tad sad.

• Vaughn, by the way, figures he can keep playing
in the CFL for at least two more seasons,

but he turns 35 next year and has long felt
that 35 would be a good age at which to retire.

"The only thing I find fun now is Game Day," he told me.

"Game Day is why I stick around
and go through all the crap I do
during the week, in practice
and meetings and all that.

All the other stuff
that goes with football,
I could care less about.

I just wish we could play
18 games back to back to back,
and just play.

"I'll probably play next year,

but if an opportunity comes up
in business or in a football
front office, I'd consider it.

I want to get in the business world.

Owning a restaurant or things
like that would appeal to me.

I was offered a job as a receivers coach
at Fresno State a couple of years ago.

If that was offered again, I'd look at it.

"I also think it would be cool
to be a general manager.

I'd be up front as a GM, and
I think you have to do that.

Don't blow smoke up players' butts.
I've seen a lot of that in my career.
Too much of it."

Marty York: www.metronews.ca

Must disagree with "mightypope".

Running a route and turning about to see your QB has been assassinated by the defects in your OL, and/or idiot game plan may change your outlook on the year!

Terry and, indeed, Mike Morreale have a final contribution to give to the game, if not the Team in how well they worked in 2006 in spite of all the adversity. They are certainly welcome at camp, and on the team in 2007, as motivators and experienced types to bring us on to the levels we need to achieve.

Dropping guys like these would be an "idiot" move...perhaps you should volunteer your suggested receiver nominees for 2007 (Mr Taffe appreciates all help!) and reasoning why, including why you like dumping fan fave's like Terry

I never once said thay should drop or dump him, nor do I have any replacements in mind. Just said I'd be surprised if he played for the 'Cats this year. If he does come back, I hope he has the best season in his career because you know what, I'm just sick and tired of all the losing I've had to witness the last couple of years.

Debate closed. (That is, the "what will we do" portion of the debate. Not necessarily the "what should we have done" portion. Not to mention the "what will we do now?" portion.)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 - 03:07PM

Ticats Release Vaughn

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released import wide receiver Terry Vaughn.

Vaughn recorded 60 receptions for 695 yards and one touchdown in 18 games last season, his first as a Ticat.

Terry Vaughan...gone.

Sorry. Someone was going to say it eventually.