Terry Vaughn

I just had to say, how great would it be to have Terry Vaughn dressing for the Eastern Semi this weekend.
Take your pick of about 3 guys he could easily be replacing right now on our offence.

Does anyone know if he is going to be in Hamilton again next year?

I expect him to retire.

Could you imagine going into the 2007 season with Cahoon, Copeland and Vaughn?.. I think Vaughn would probably accept a paycut for a last chance at going to another Grey Cup game with a good team.

It killed me that we had to dump Vaughn for salary reasons. He's such a dependable possession receiver, and great at piling up yards after catch. I'd love to have him back in an Als uniform, even for just one season.

Vaughn will be back in mtl next year as a ti-cat for the eastern final. :cowboy: