Terry Vaughn to Ottawa?

Okay. So the Playmaker talks about the Renegades about to trade with the Eskies for Terry Vaughn. Whaddaya say? A rumour? A sure shot? Or is Hughie still playing tricks on Paopao (remember Ed Hervey signing with the Gades this winter?)

Personally, I sure wonder what the ransacked Renegades would have to offer to get Vaughn... Josh Ranek, maybe?

No way they get Ranek out of Ottawa. If they do I will publicly admit on this forumn that Third and Ten is a prognosticating god.

Seriously though I have been following that story for a couple weeks now here in Edmonton and it has been kept pretty quiet. I have gone on the record in the Eskimos forumn on this site about it and these were my theories before they acquired Annunziata.

I thought that with Ottawa having second pick the Esks might send Vaughn to the Gades in a deal to acquire the second pick and have a shot at selecting Nick Kaczur. Another possibility is picking up a Canadian OL from them as well. This is calculated gamble I suppose, but Vaughn is probably a future hall of famer in this league and would help sell the game in Ottawa.

The story line so far has indicated it will simply be Vaughn for 2 draft picks, the two they gave up last year when Ottawa sent us a couple Canadians. Since then they have done the deal with the Argos and also the Eskimos have at least three young Canadian linemen waiting for chance to get in the lineup, so I think that blows my theory out the window.

As far as Vaughn goes, I will be sad to see him go but I think he would be a good fit in Ottawa. Would Ottawa fans not be even more upset though to lose Ranek. I would think he is a fan favorite. Anyway, we should know the answer here pretty quick I would think

I would be VERY disappointed if Ranek was traded. It would be STUPID move. I would have no choice to conclude that Paopao is a little thick in the head...

Leave TV Alone u jerks !!!!!

I sure don't see Ottawa giving up Ranek... anyone think that mabe Edmonton will get Yo Murphy(or does he even play in Ottawa?) and something else?


And he will not leave Edmonton!

lol... I just thought I'd bring those two last comments back up...

God, I had to check the date of this post.....Vaughn is in Montreal.

And I thought I was bad for digging up old dirt!

Good one Third

why do you have bring this up and make me cry again

Where did you see this?
The playmaker is yappin about running backs

Third was stirring the pot...check the date of the first post.

Look at the reaction it got from Eskimos32001.

I saw the dates on other post but not the first one


Eskimos32001, I have already given you the perfect way to stop crying over Vaughn's departure:

Become an Alouettes fan!

Vaughn’s a great player. Actually my favorite player to watch. With all the moves he has and YAC’s he gets he sure is valuable weapon to have in your receiving core. Too bad Saskatchewan couldn’t have got him, we could use him now with Dominguez, Bailey, and French out right now with injuries.