Terry Vaughn takes shot at Jason Maas

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Hamilton won only four of 18 games last season and Vaughn was held under 1,000 yards for the first time in his 12-year career. He caught 60 passes for 695 yards and scored once. He passed Darren Flutie in the process, becoming the Canadian Football League's career leader in pass receptions, with 1,006.

Vaughn said there's no question he can still compete in the league, and said he has already heard from other CFL teams.

"Last year, our offensive play-calling was pretty horrendous, and the quarterback wasn't good. That affected everyone. Looking at the numbers, you couldn't tell if anyone was productive," he said.

i think this remark is justified. Maas had 8 TD's and 17 INT's, not to mention sulking after every play.

the only thing that seems odd to me, is, this isn't the first time the 2 had played together, and they have had success in the past...

thoughts anyone?

I agree with him as well. Maas was terrible last year. As far as them being teammates previously, maybe Vaughn was a strong Ray supporter thus causing a little friction there. Not sure, just speculating. :?

Vaughn and Maas had a great season together a few years back in Edmonton, but that was then. Vaughn is absolutely on the ball with his comments regarding Maas. He was, frankly, atrocious last year.

True..........but it is rare to see a player calling out a teammate like that.......even if Maas is now a former teammate. It just might raise some red flags about Vaughn's attitude. If he's perceived as a "me-first" kind of guy, he may have trouble finding another job.

Yep I agree it's true and he had every right to say it but reading it still makes me want to cry like Danny M. did in the first of his 4 pre-planned Grey Cup displays of emotion!

I definetly agree with what he said. Let's face it, Maas was shaky at best last season. Instead of saying that the quarterback wasnt good he should have been a bit more professional and said it in a way that showed more respect for his former teammate.

.....you never know but Maas may be the first to totally agree with Vaughn....

harsh....Vaughn sounds like he still has something to prove, he might be a good pick up for next year.

i think vaughn shoulda said;

'the play calling was pretty horrendous, and the quarterback didnt have his best season'

that way, he's still being truthful, without being so harsh on a former teammate.

You never hear players calling other players out. Unless you have the mentality and attitude of Terrel Owens, which Vaughn appears to have. Maas did have a bad season last year, but you don't go out to the media and say directly that's why you as a receiver had a bad year. I hope Maas kicks some ass when he plays whoever Vaughn goes to.

i hope vaughn catches for over 1000 yards again next season and has big games against maas, proving maas is a washed up bum, and that's why vaughn had a bad year.

but he chould let his play do the talking!

Strong hate for Maas? :lol:

No not really but telling it like it is. I have heard Maas here on local Hamilton TV and he said the same thing.

stong hate for vaughn?

i just think maas is overrated and for so long people would take shots at ricky ray by sayin maas is better....last year proved those people wrong.

I just don't like Vaughn's attitude. Even before this incident, I've heard stories of him being a pretty selfish guy(I think problems in the dressing room were one of the reasons the Esks got rid of him). I do see where you're coming from with all those people saying Maas was better than Ray. It sort of pissed me off too.

You never have a player have as horrendous a season as Maas had last year. Play like garbage, get treated like garbage. Vaughn was right on. If Maas's horrid season can't be openly acknowledged in Hamilton, forget about your team getting better from here on in.

He obviously was very bad and everyone knew it, it's just very unusual that you see a player calling out another for his failure. A classy athlete would have just left without saying anything, why point out the obvious?