Terry Vaughn takes shot at Jason Maas

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Hamilton won only four of 18 games last season and Vaughn was held under 1,000 yards for the first time in his 12-year career. He caught 60 passes for 695 yards and scored once. He passed Darren Flutie in the process, becoming the Canadian Football League's career leader in pass receptions, with 1,006.

Vaughn said there's no question he can still compete in the league, and said he has already heard from other CFL teams.

"Last year, our offensive play-calling was pretty horrendous, and the quarterback wasn't good. That affected everyone. Looking at the numbers, you couldn't tell if anyone was productive," he said.

i think this remark is justified. Maas had 8 TD's and 17 INT's, not to mention sulking after every play.

the only thing that seems odd to me, is, this isn't the first time the 2 had played together, and they have had success in the past, so you'd think he'd have alittle more respect for jason maas than this...

thoughts anyone?

A classier person would have just said things didn't work out and left it at that. But Vaughn can say what he wants in the press, his perogative.

Knock me over with a feather!! He took a shot at a former teammate. I'm astonished. Class act all the way. Blame it on everyone but yourself. :roll:

Yea I have a thought...obviously Terry DID show a great deal of respect because I'm sure he wanted to say worse.
Oh, BTW , even Jason knows he suxed.This is not news to anyone .

Personally I am having a hard time disagreeing with anything that Terry said. The play calling was poor, and the QB was bad. How can you say he is taking a shot at Maas? I can't discredit him for telling the truth.

While he may not have played that great, he may have kept his string of 1,000 yards going were he on any other team. The numbers indicate he was our best receiver last year, so while they weren't great, they were still the best on his team. I don't know that this indicates that he really didn't play that well.


I agree with what Terry is trying to say, but sometimes you can be a professional and take the high road or at least show some respect for your now former teammates. The only thing this shows me is that Terry is a selfish ball player.

And personally, I am not overly impressed with his 1,000 yard streak. He plays in a prodominately pass driven league, playing an 18 game schedule which means you have to average an astounding 56 yards a game!

Just my two cents ...

  • paul

Most of the team stunk it up, it wasn't just the quarterback. :wink:

Terry could have said a lot worse
than Jason 'wasn't good' last year.

IMO, no big deal.

He showed a respectful amount of restraint.

Whatever, he's gone, who cares, he can say all he friggin wants to say. The newspaper got the quote they wanted to get people riled up and they are the winners.

Sometimes newspapers just shouldn't exist. :thdn:

Look me in the eye and tell me that Jason Maas wouldn't agree with Vaughn's assessment. Maas was godawful last season. If anything, Vaugh was going easy on Maas.

Maas wasn't great, but Vaughn seems to be pretty good at blaming his lack of success on others. I don't see him talking about his own shortcomings. I'd have to agree with mightypope that he was one of the guys who quit on the team. I was much more impressed with Flick than Vaughn this year.

He still led the team in yardage. And I agree with him: the playcalling and quarterbacking was so poor that it was very hard to assess the receiving corps. As for Flick, he's a big-play WR, not a possession slotback like Vaughn. Apples and oranges. Also, Flick gives up on plays way too easily.

That's where I disagree with you. I think Flick really puts himself on the line to make the play. I don't think Vaughn put forth the effort he was capable of.

Well, if you check the stats, Vaughn had 60 catches for 695 yards and a 11.6 reception average, while Fick had 52 catches for 693 yards and a 13.3 average. Those are oddly similar statistics for a stretch wide receiver like Flick and a short-yardage possession receiver like Vaughn. Hard to assess who put in the effort and who didn't based on numbers. I watched a number of TiCats games last season and from my point of view, Maas was so consistently putrid that it was hard to tell which receivers were giving 100%.

I don't think you can examine the type of player they are through statistics in this case because Paopao's offense put a premium on high percentage, short passes.

If you look at it historically, you would notice that DJ is more of a deep threat and Terry is more of a possesion player. Now in terms of effort level, I would say Terry's effort is only high when the ball gets in his hands, whereas in the case of a guy like DJ, he puts a lot of effort in going after the ball even before it reaches his hands. So, I guess it depends on what type of player you want on your team.

But all in all, its hard to tell anything from the offense of last season with its poor design and poor play calling.

Vaughn is a great player. And he performed well last year under horrible circumstances. Vaughn cught a lot of tough balls in games, took some huge hits, and worked hard both during (and often) after practices. A lot of the blame for the Ticats being bad last year is squarely on Maas. Vaughn just told it like it is. If your QB underperforms, the entire offence will also underperform.

I like Maas, but if he stinks in training camp for whatever reason, the Cats have to cut him. Ticats fans will stay home in droves if he stinks again.

Um, I think I've made this point twice so far in this thread.

Now in terms of effort level, I would say Terry's effort is only high when the ball gets in his hands, whereas in the case of a guy like DJ, he puts a lot of effort in going after the ball even before it reaches his hands. So, I guess it depends on what type of player you want on your team.
What's the basis for this assessment of effort level? I'm an Als fan and based on the year Vaughn spent in Montreal, I'd say his effort level was high at all times, regardless of whether the ball was in his hands; if not, how would he catch balls at all? As a receiver, you have to put in effort to run crisp routes, come out of your pattern at the right time, and secure the football. Vaughn does all these things consistently well, AND piles up good yardage after the catch. That's why he was a 1000-yard receiver for something like 12 consecutive seasons [i]until[/i] his stint in Hamilton. He obviously didn't just forget how to play. That's why I think his assessment of Maas is absolutely correct, and frankly, a little on the mild side. Maas was horrific.

My apologies for missing your points.

I am not one for the etiquette battles that arise on forums, but really was it necessary to point that out?

The basis for my assesment is also known as MY opinion. You are allowed to have one as well.

Terry Vaughan is a possession receiver who is well know throughout the league as a player that gets a large portion of his yardage AFTER the catch. And in MY opinion his anger directed at Jason Maas was due to the fact that he felt he didn't get the ball enough. That is the point I was trying to make.

I didn't realize you were his agent. And I guess you'll be happy to read that article about his possible return to your beloved Als.

Yours truly,

  • paul

sorry but Agree with Terry ..
Maas Was Awfull
The play calling was bad..
The Team Stunk worse the run over Sunk
on Sunday Morning heading to Church
Terry was right this team was bad

But he also part of the Problem as Well.