Terry Jones Let Go By Post Media

He was a legendary, sometimes controversial, Edmonton sports journalist and long time promoter of the CFL/Eskimos/Elks.


He was great with Monty Python!...(sorry)


Wow awesome way to let someone who has worked for you for 55 years go...with a telephone call. Stay classy Post Media.


Meh.. Its not like anyone reads newspapers anymore. Most people get customized news from facebook that only tells them want to know news

First off if you're getting your news from Facebook then your opinion is literally that of a trained hate monkey, secondly he's a person who dedicated his life to journalism and is well respected so didn't deserve to be treated like that, and third most "news" articles on the internet are based off of print news reporting (as are a large amount of television and digital news)


Journalism is dead and this is proof.


Wow the guy is good at his job must of found a young buck to replace him Terry I hope you bounce back on your feet you are a good read

Shame. Maybe TSN can hire him and fire one of those obnoxious loud mouths they currently have on their panel.


They could replace Dunigan with him. I swear that man must have taken too many concussions during his time because he really isn't all there.


Agreed. I'm not a fan of Milt Stegal either but Jock Climie is decent if the other guys don't wind him up. I'd like to see Rod hosting again instead of Kate, too.

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My question is why keep bringing on so many analysts that are so far removed from the game. TSN and the CFL in general suffer from trying to market to their existing audience...no attempt at reaching a younger market for fear of the boomers writing in complaints

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Thdy should have a guest panel of regulars each week. That might reoccur a few times a season, or just a one off..
Id love to see Wally Buono, one week, and Matt Nichols the next.
Maybe a bit of Micheal Reilly, and then bring in Jim Popp a couple of times once the USFL is done.
Heck. June Jones would be great too. Mix it up, because I mute tte panel most of the time.
Um sure Doug Flutie would come out fir a show or two. He still follows tbe league apparently.

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Terry is a very good writer - but a darn poor public speaker! Thats why you seldom hear him on radio or TV.
Ed Tait was a prolific FP reporter in Winnipeg for over a dozen years then was hired by Wad Miller (CEO) to take over publicity (aka generate positive articles for the team's web-site) for the Bombers. Tait makes more money doing that than he ever did working for a major western Canadian newspaper. Tait is also much younger than Jones (maybe 53 to 58 vs Jones at 74/75) and while not a dynamo on radio or TV he's fairly serviceable and utilized by the Bomber's budget-radio broadcasts (Pre-game, game & post-game all handled by Derek Taylor, Doug Brown & Ed Tait)

I mean he's 73. It's a terrible way to go out but I'm sure there's another side to the story we'll never be privy to.

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It's Post Media...take even a small circuit around the internet about how they like to treat their employees and you'll see this event isn't the outlier it's the norm

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We, all out live our ' best before dates' and at 73, we need to make way for younger people. C F L is not thriving is maybe because of old and unexciting boring, same old stuff. New and young ways and thinking must be established. Compared to NFL teams ( worth billions), CFL is nearly worthless.
CFL is on verge of bankruptcy.

People have been saying this since Terry Jones was 23. Yet Bob Young was able to find someone to buy a 40% share of his Tiger-Cats. How much did Stelco pay for that share, again?