Terry Grant

Terry Grant our other running back had a very strong game today.
He ran hard and was very hard to bring down.
2 TD's and I liked the way he just put the ball down in the end zone.
No dances or rehearsed action in the end zone.

I was thinking the same thing about the way he put the ball down. Like he's been there before, and he'll be there again.

I think the way everyone is playing on offence, there's going to be a lot of pushing each other to excel.

I agree, I like when players act 'like they've been there before' its true professionalism. (although i like celebrations periodically as well).

only if we could get a few talented guys like Grant to play in our secondary. these guys blow coverage consistently and when they make one big play they celebrate ridiculously!

im liking our offence as well, just need to tighten up the D!

Williams is another one who doesn't go in for the elaborate celebrations. And while an occasional celebration is ok, I really dislike the choreographed ones. (Duck-duck-goose excepted. That one was hilarious.)

This guy is a keeper for sure.

I think Loyce Means will be a good one in the secondary. I hope. I think that knockdown in the end zone put him high in MB’s playbook.

One thing for sure is that he has forced the Cats to keep him on the active roster. If they do (for some CRAZY reason) put him back on, another team will be sure to scoop him up before you can say Crimson Tide, baby.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

T. Grant was a standout in preseason, and I thought he had good potential at the time.
Now he is getting real game play and showing us he may be the real deal.

The way he bounces off tacklers reminds me of Chris Williams' play.
And the guy can catch too, not just rush.

Offensively speaking, the Cats have mucho talent.

Defensive secondary though.....

I remember in pre-season it looked like we would be keeping the other RB and then Grant came in and forced us to keep him. He has talent and an unbelievable ability to stay on his feet after getting hit hard.

You're right! As the announcer noted towards the game's end, the first tackler never brought him down.

He shows some real talent.

Terry Grant showed really great during his preseason appearance. There has even been talk on this very forum, prior to yesterday's game, about him getting some playing time.

Should Cobourne go down, it's good to know that we have someone with this talent to come in. And please, let's keep featuring him on the offence, meantime.

Another great find by Obie.


Loved his burst! With Avon, he is going to be an excellent complement to our rushing attack.

Oski Wee Wee,


In the interview with him on the Ticats site, he figures he's faster than both Williams and Thigpen. Hard to believe, given Williams's (unofficial?) 4:28 on the 40. It would be interesting to see the three of them race head-to-head at some point.


IIRC, Grant was always on the active roster, he was just one of the four players that were deactivated prior to the game. As far as I know, that means he can't be scooped up by another team. I believe that can only happen if the player is on the practice roster. If I am wrong, someone correct me, but I believe that is how the rule works.

That said, the team would be nuts to take Grant off the field. You don't sit a guy after how he played in Moncton.

You're right Blogskee. He's been on the 46-man Active Roster for all 12 games and was one of the 4 Reserves (not dressed) for the first 11. As one the 46, he gets full game pay and cannot be claimed by another team, as a Practice Roster player can. I can't find the rules in print, but I believe there is a relatively new rule where a team wishing to claim a player from another team's PR must notify that team of their intention, giving that team the opportunity to move the player to their 46-man list for their next game, thus protecting him from being claimed. If the player's team chooses not to activate him, the claiming team must have him on it's Active Roster for at least their next, and I believe it may be their next two, game(s). There was a time, where a claiming team could take a player without having to give the player's team notice and the opportunity to protect him.

So glad to finally seen Terry getting some serious action and showing his mettle.
Can't wait to see him live and in action and taking the Cats higher and higher on the scoreboard!!


Is that a photo of Terry from his college days?