Terry Grant RB

I see him listed in the roster, but his name on the 'position charts" is not highlighted. Is he not playing?

AFAIK, he's backing up the starter and has had either very little or no playing time to date.

He’s been on the 46-man roster since the beginning of the season, but he hasn’t dressed yet for a regular season game.

He's listed on all the depth charts.

You do know what the 46-man roster is, don't you? They list all 46 players on the depth chart and then sit out four for every game.

I did not know that.

Thanks for the info!

Thanks guys. Sure hope Terry gets some playing time. Would like to see him in action. And although I'm an Argonaut fan, any team that has Alabama allumni (excluding Auburn) gets my fist in the air support first.



That run he made in the pre-season was incredible.

Cobourne has played great so far but it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for a player of his playing style to get injured and miss a game or two. I'm sure Grant will get a chance.

I think you're right. While Thigpen has proven that he can take over for Cobourne during a game, if Cobourne weren't able to start a game, I suspect Grant would be put in as starter. Given the difference in running styles between the two, the team would probably have to change up their playbook a bit. But he'd probably do ok, and maybe even break a few for long gains with his speed.

I believe Grant should be used with Cobourne during each game. Grant has got some serious wheels and this will add another positive to our offense. I realize this is ratio thing - the team should tinker a bit with the ratio and add Grant. The question is - who do you sit?

If you want Grant in, you'll likely have to sit one of the American receivers.

Once Mann is healthy again, we'll already have that dilemma. So which SECOND receiver would you drop?

I don't think so.

CFIO, I have a hard time disagreeing with your posts.

Deuces is our workhorse. Thiggy should be used more out of the backfield. Grant is where he needs to be, for now.

Terry Grant is a fine looking player with speed and moves, I hope we get to see him play soon. :thup: