Terry Caully

I have been away for an extended time can someone please tell me what happened to Caully, he's not on the roster.
In my mind He and Smith and Cobb and although he hasn't played much KK have given us some good depth at that RB position.
If he has been traded or released and with KK's status up in the air we no longer have that depth. and that is a problem.

Doesnt matter how long you’ve been away just click on the roster and look.

KK, Cobb, Ebell, Smith… how many RBs do you want ?

Aj Harris and Romance Taylor still on the open market... not to mention the camps that'll soon be run in the states.We're fine.

Guys he was asking what happened to Terry Caulley.

And the answer to that is he was released last season (in October i believe?)

Rude much! Perhaps He did click and didn't notice him so he asked here!

And clicking now will tell readers that Ebell was there this morning and POOF gone this afternoon.
Maybe the neg list player acquired from Sask is a RB??
Still not convinced KK is sticking....time will tell!

Dont have to be so rude Zontar he wasasking "WHAT HAPPENED TO TERRY CAULLEY" as he wasnt on the roster!
To answer the question he was injured most of 2009 he was released into free agency on November 6 2009. He no longer plays for the Ti-Cats!
Sorry about Zontar being so rude! He is NOT your typical Ti-Cat fan.

Dressed for only 2 games in '09 - Game 1 and Game 14. Released November 6th.

Geez guys thanks for the info, I didn't mean to be rude but I guess I could be if I wanted to.
The rest of you thanks for your patience.
What I meant was that I missed a period where he was released or traded or whatever I just wondered if there was a mistake or ommision on the roster like there has been from time to time.
It is a shame because there's so much talent in that young man.

I believe he got turfed because of his glass knees, not because of his performance level because I agree, he was dynamite when healthy.Look's like we'll be doing a 1-2 punch with Keith and Cobb in '10 like we were supposed to do with Caulley and Keith in '09.

i believe hes propert of the ARGOSSS poor guy

What makes you think that?