Terry Caulley

does anyone know if TC will play on saturday cause I really hope so cause I will be at the game and hopefully it will end in a ticats VICTORY

Just posted this related to the Sandy Beveridge injury:

Bad news / Good news … in this report from Tuesday practice (copied from Edward’s blog):

The following players aren’t practicing today: WR Prechae Rodriguez (knee), WR Chris Bauman (hammy), RB Terry Caulley (knee), DB Sandy Beveridge (hammy). These players are back in action: Ray Mariuz, Drisan James (both hurt vs TO) and Matt Carter. Look for Corey Grant and Carter to get first team reps if Bauman can’t go.

that sucks cause I really want to see him live :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :?

I wonder how carter will look if he plays! or has he..is he even the guy we picked up from BC heh

He's only hurt...he'll live. :smiley:

Yes, Carter is a player we picked up from BC.

When I saw that sentence that can be taken more than one way when it is in written form, I thought I'd see a comment like that. :slight_smile:

Terry has been getting the shaft.

The braintrust has wanted Cobb
in there all year since game 1.

Terry has been 100% healthy most of the year.


IMO, if he can get out of here next year
the way he’s feeling now, he definitely will.

Big deal, he got a little nick last time he played,
the one game he’s played since the opening game.

This injury list thing gives a false impression.

Ask him if he could play the last game
or two, he will tell you he could have.

Now they bring in Ebell.

Getting the shaft no no no its called he has done what a backup is suppose to do so well that coaches have a hard time at changing anything ....Especially when cobb has been effective out of the back field in the last couple of games ,,,,And he blocks very well and fast , picking up the blitzing backers or corners ... No disrespect to terry but come on your job is only as safe in this league as your last performance ...Cobb has earned the starter roll on terry's bad luck so lets support the guy that had done it quietly and efficiently over the season ...