terry caulley

is his name spelled wrong on his gold jersey? i guess he has not worn the gold jersey yet this season and no one noticed it-he did.isn't it c-a-u-l-l-e-y,
his jersey has 1 L on it.

just noticed it.

city legend

anyway you spell it, he took a big step towards proving me wrong about him. Here is hoping it continues. Never questioned his talent or heart, just his ability to read and adjust. Hopefully this means he is learning. Well done Caulllleeeeyyyyyyy :thup:

He did the same thing last year FYB. I never knew why you disliked him so much.

No it just means you didn't pay any attention to him last year, as this performance is nothing new for him.

do you know how to get game by game stats for a player, cause I dont think he had more than one good game last yr, and I am not sure his best was this good??

His last name was spelled incorrectly for sure.


his total average yards per carry at the end of the 2007 season was 6.1

so yea this game was nothing new for him.

that doesnt tell the story, specially with so few carries.

It really doesnt matter. I feel I had good reason to doubt him up to now, but what really matters is how he does from here on in. For ticat sake, I hope he continues to prove my doubts about him wrong.

That Superman dive for a TD was sweet.

i loved it, everyone was going crazy after that play.

Great game Caulley!

Yeah I noticed it was spelt incorrectly. I think it might be because of our budget, perhaps Jesse got the last L. I mean you would want to see Jesse Umsden out there would you?


Great game man,

Keep up the good work and bring the house down again.

Good looking guy also, not that that matters. hey, that's just what my wife thinks seeing him on TV, just thought I'd point it out to the ladies out there. :wink:

If taking the extra L off his shirt makes him faster, I'm for calling him Mr. C..

he didnt have a few amount of carries. he started like 7 games last year and played in i think 8.

he probably had well over a 100 carries in that span.

i thought he played well especially in toronto last year and was hoping we'd see them give him a chance to show that potential

76 carries for 466 yards, and i watched every game and not once did i ever doubt him. He's a very good running back that should only get better.

Just a thought for whatever it's worth. I wonder what a play with a 3-back set with Lumsden, Caulley, and Smith would do. With Williams ability to to sell the hand-offs to the decoy(s) and giving the ball to any of the 3 backs via the ground or the air, the D would be guessing the whole time. A lot of plays, options, and blocking schemes could be run off that. Would be fun to see.

It was a nice touch. The man had an incredible game and was exciting to watch.