terry caulley is a playa

This guy is fast, elusive, tough and smart. He can run the rock, and catch it too. Plus, he is a great blocker.

An important piece of "the puzzle."

Taafe, don't "Cory Holmes" him when Lumsden comes back. Kep Caulley on the field!

Why? You don't win games in the CFl by running the ball and teams don't care if we run the ball well on them.

I have to agree. He's a heck of a player. Maybe the best thing to do when Lumsden gets back is to use more of a two-back system because Caulley is clearly capable and it would help keep Lumsden healthy.

p.s. Drexl, how'd Baltimore/Montreal do running the ball with Pringle?

You can be a run first team in the CFL. You just have to have a decent passing game to complement it. (Which we don't currently have.)

Caulley is to good to sit on the bench..He appears to be able to do it all..

BC RB Joe Smith might be inclined to disagree with you on an occasion or two

Yes, but BC is not a running team, they use the run to keep the D honest, no other reason.