Terry Caulley and Richie Williams

Yes, I know it's the Argos, but would the cats be interested in unloading these (now) bench players to Toronto for, say, someone in a position you're in need of? The Argos are obviously in rebuilding mode, what with 10 rookies starting last week at Calgary......I could see both guys helping the Argos while someone/players could help Hamilton.

Now bench players? what were they before?

I think if Porter has a good start in BC, Williams will be dealt somewhere, maybe Toronto. We would need an impact starter back. I think it’s clear that Hamilton’s coaches are looking at Porter as starter or #2 material.

I think the Cats like Caulley as a backup, so they would not necessarily deal him. But if a great offer is on the table, who knows? I think the more likely deal would be Lumsden shipped out to a playoff-bound team.

make that printers and caulley and you got a deal

If Lumsden can play at all this year he could be a super back-up with several play-off bound teams. The big question is, what has to be given up and can he play any where near his capability. I think his days as a back that plays an entire game are over but he would really be valuable as a back up so that he could be of use an entire season.

If Lumsden plays well in BC this weekend, I bet he will be dealt shortly thereafter. If he shows any sign of injury in that game, however, the Cats will likely have no immediate trade options for Lumsden, and will get nothing for him before he becomes a FA.

8) They said in yesterdays Spec that Lumsden would not be playing in the BC game , because of the shoulder injury and his still bothersome ankle !!!

Make bad trades for you own team. :stuck_out_tongue:

NO thanks. We are not interested in trading either of those two so please don't have your people call our people..lol

oh beleive me, I am only agreeing that hamilton should trade them, or at least printers. I dont want either of them. Caulley is looking to be better than I thought he was last yr, but still not elite. Dont expect to ever see him as an even an easter all star, let alone an award contender, or stats leader.

Stop ! your making me cry :stuck_out_tongue:

once we get rid of printers, we will need williams to be a back up

once we let lumsden go, we will need caulley to be a back up

where cp and jl go, good luck!

where in the spec did it say that Jesse was not playing this weekend i have read the past few days and never saw it although i did hear caully was injured can you post a link please?

What are all you armchair GM'S smoking anyway.

The same thing O'Billovich was smoking during the Moreno trade?? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Just a guess...

8) It is on the Spectator site in "Cat Chat", Ken Peters Blog. He says that Jesse will not play Sat. and neither will Terry Caulley.
  The starting backfield will be Kenton Keith and Tre Smith.

Kenny said...'the Cat backfield will feature a new look....

Quinton Porter at QB with Kenton Keith and Tre Smith

in a two-back set.'

Since Marcel has been Head Coach
we pass a lot more on first downs.

I would say there will still be lots of
one back five or six receiver sets

and 2 back double tight ends sets as well.