Terrific second half

....First of all....Philip Hunt who///???..... Odell Willis you're the man...QUITE A TURN-AROUND after the pathetic start....Buck came alive and Lemon is still looking for his chiclets :rockin: ....Great win...I knew we had some offence somewhere.but it was hard to tell at first :rockin:

Loved the finish, that's how you put ! on a win.

Got to hand it to the Bombers. They look like they have it going on in a big way. Going to be very tough to beat.

To me, the unsung hero of the Bombers' win was offensive coordinator Barresi.

With Pottinger already on the shelf, Kuale gets ejected. . . so Black had to play MLB. . . so right after the ejection the Bombers were running Reid into the middle to take advantage, and after running several such plays in a row to pull the Argo D up close to the line to defend the run, then lo and behold he calls for a long bomb and bingo, touchdown . . . great play calling.

doesnt lapolice call the plays? cuz it didnt look like baressi was doing much other than just standing there.oh wait...when bombers win,baressi gets credit, when we lose lapo gets the blame around here? thats how it works right?

lapo calls the plays. baressi is OC by title only,id say he's the qb coach more than he is OC. CREDIT TO LAPOLICE.

Another great second half adjustment :thup: in tonights win over the Lions. Congrats to Winnipeg and we'll see you guys next week in what should/will be another classic match.