The league has caught up with Austin offense. All 5/10 yard curls or crossing routes. They refuse to run. Two weeks ago they had their best running game only to completely abandon it last week and this week. I don't care about the injuries. Gable always misses half a season as does Owens, that is why he I no longer an Argo. Our 2nd string QB has a better record then the fist string QB. Constant slows starts. The secondary is always an issue. This whole came when the Cats completed one of their 5-10 yard passes the Calgary secondary jumped on them right away, great closers and tacklers. This team may be hard pressed to make the playoffs.

They ran the ball against the Als because their defense kept dropping players and running the ball was going to be successful. Gable has missed a WHOLE THREE GAMES!!! Scheuerman did a great job in relief.

Collaros and Masoli have exactly the same record if one takes today's game into account as a loss for Masoli.

The starter always gets the win or loss. The loss will be Zach's. I also predicted at the start of the season that Zach would go down before this season is over. The offense is far too predictable and opens the qb up to a beating. That game was ugly to watch and shows how far this team has gone downhill

Comment on the 5th quarter that someone who saw our team come out of the tunnel say that they had no energy at all, thinks Austin may have lost the room.

I find that amusing post, as a Professional Athlete playing a team sport you have to get yourself up and ready to perform
Otherwise you will be replaced so has KA Lost the room, I don't think so.

My comments on Gable were he typically is out quite a bit, just they are used to making adjustments with him being out over the last 2 seasons. Also, then there in no attempt to run it makes it easier on opposing defences

I find it amusing that you think football is played without emotion. Just ask the Stamps.

The players, at that time, would be very aware that their chance of success, on this night, would be very slim, at best, and also that they're only 3 hrs. away from bye week and goin' home. Not surprising to hear they we're pumped up for this one.

Correction in post above: "we're" should have been "weren't."

I was at the game. The most lack lustre performance I've seen in a while. I understand we have tons of injuries and a few more last night but it's still painful to watch.
I know we're still in the hunt for a playoff spot but it's still hard to watch.
I don't think there is salvation for this team this year...
On a positive...Fantuz is still playing at a high level...Masoli looked ok . He seems to have more arm strength than Collaros at this moment. Maybe Collaros came back too soon or is more banged up than we know coming into this game. He has taken a lot if hits since his return.

Well when you only run the ball 3-4 times a game and you have two raw rookies protecting yer blindside it's no wonder that he has been hit more times then a pinata at a kids birthday party. I sometime wonder why we even bother dressing running backs on the roster when we never seem to use them . Case in point : M.Ford-rb stats game : rushing 3-13 yds /rec -1-13. You can't be successful in any form of football when your RB is only touching the rock 4 times a game.

Trust me on this one IF this team does indeed make the playoffs this season and right now it's a big IF , they will be one and done with no running game and the O-Line in it's current configuration. It won't matter who we have at quarterback because he will be either looking up at the sky, eating turf or running for his life all day long without the threat of a running game and no protection on the blindside . Whoever plays us will just be licking their chops and teeing off on us all game long because of our seeming reluctance to consistently run the rock and mix things up. We are way to one dimensional on Offence and it will be our downfall guaranteed IF we do make the playoffs this season.

Now that's just my take on our Offence.......don't get me started with our Defence especially when we are playing 4 players short all game seeing as we don't have any corners , only one half back and no one it seems who is capable at playing SLB since Murray went down and Sears is still MIA on the IL where he's been for the majority of time since signing with this team. Yep , it's kinda hard to play Defence when you only have 8 out of 12 guys who can actually play the game. That's our Defence in a nutshell.......8 players and 4 pylons and that my friends just isn't going to cut it. :oops:

My take aways, for all that they are worth :roll:

I think Dickison showed his assessment of Hamilton by going for the two point converts and the fake field goal early in the game. Had Hamilton not made those stops, I think Dickison would have been a lot more aggressive throughout the game. The score was actually much better than I feared. Much, much better!

Zach is a sitting duck. We have no short game to take away the rush - no running game, no hitch, draw, check, screen or shovel passes. Opposition D line draws a bead on a spot 4-5 yards behind our centre and converges on the QB. Only deep threat is Toliver, and all the short to intermediate routes are outside in, and slow to develop, so keep four D backs in coverage and send the rest. Eight men coming with pressure is bound to be effective. If Hamilton does make a play it is usually a short gainer, or occassionally their D gets burned, but not often enough to change the strategy. Especially as the Hamilton bend don’t break and porous defence allows the opposition to come right back to score.

Zach hangs on to the ball too long, or else needs to hold on too long. Last year he could step up or roll out to extend his time. This year he is not as mobile, and he is getting caught. Plus, he has fewer targets, and more pressure. Being a bit shorter than most QBs takes away that little looper over the rushers, as we see by the increase knock-downs and interceptions over the middle.

In short, this offence and play selection is easy to read and defend, as all the better teams have learned. The defence is build on the premise that the offence will score, the STs will give the offence short fields, and the defence long fields. Not working.

Speedy B has disappeared as a returner and seems frustrated and confused. Just not a good team at the moment, and getting worse. We keep looking at others to blame for our problems, but IMO, it is either lack of talent, or poor coaching, maybe a bit of both?

However, they are still our Cats, and I will keep watching and cheering. And there is always “next year”!! :smiley:

I do not buy that excuse for one second…
Hamilton is in a tight playoff race, playing at home with a chance to turn their season around and prove something to themselves by beating the best team in the league.

There were lots of reasons to be motivated - this is supposed to be professional football, not a beer league.

And yet they haven't appeared to be motivated since Labour Day. Their play is lackluster & they don't seem to have any energy.

I don't know if it's true or not that Austin has lost the room. What I do know is that they have repeatedly looked lost & disinterested. We played Calgary tougher in their stadium than at THF.

They've been inconsistent all year long & nothing Austin has done to correct it seems to be working. It's almost like he's coaching beer league players. :wink:

In his previous five coaching jobs, Austin’s longest tenure with one team is three seasons (HC at Cornell University, 2010 through 2012 where the team regressed in his third season). Does this indicate that his coaching style “wears thin” on the players after a couple of seasons?

To be clear, I did not present my two comments, on this, as excuses but rather as reasons, which I believe are likely true and behind the fan's observation, that "the team had no energy at all."

Kent Austin has shown a lot of arrogance as HC.

1 Refuse to run the ball and makes the team one dementia and puts Zac and Jeremiah at risk of Injury.

2 Refuse to put Daily at safety only when he is forcedar to do so.

3 Gamble and Diakowski are done like dinner. Refuse to accept the fact their shelf life has expired.

4 Tillman Not sure who he has brought in lately to plug and play to reinforce the huge list of
Injuries. John Chiles is not the answer.

5 injuries I may be way off on this thought, Under Austin the Tiger Cats have by far the most injuries in the league. This has happened since he was hired.

6 Austin wears too many hats and is often out coached. GM and HC is too much for Austin.

I guess it's possible.

It's disturbing to me that special teams, once such a huge part of our team, is now regularly struggling. Watching the Als/Argos game, 35 year old Stef Logan shows way more effort than Banks has in weeks. And we won't talk about the punt team, or the short kick attempt.

It seems like there are huge issues with this team. Exactly what those are is debatable. I will say that I think Austin should give Ptaszek a shot to call the plays.