Terrible Tuesday - Countdown

Terrible Tuesday Countdown

Under 24 hours …. ‘tick tick tick’

Will Bomber and CFL fans storm the Fairmont Hotel?

Will the BOG members again sneak out the back door …. avoiding the media?

TW does not have Alex Redmond to hold hands with … who will hold Tom’s hand?

Keep tuned into your fave CFL board …. for updates on preventing the Wright-Wreck!?

Good luck Tom! :thup:

It may very well be the 1st of July fireworks.
My CFL includes Tom Wright and Ottawa Renegades/Steelback.

I'll settle for common sense and rational decision.

Is that asking too much?

Tick, tick, tick

Under 12 hours to "Live from the Winnipeg Fairmont!"

Well Said!!! Tom should be given more power to move the league forward and not be told to be a "yes man" for the chosen few!

Its too late. I've sent Braley my resume stating that I'm willing to be a yes man for a mere $175k per year. A steal I say!!

Damn you, you out bid me by $25,000. LOL