Terrible Tuesday? Bombers face potential gut punch, upper-cut in free agency


I refuse to sound the alarm bells just yet. Genius GM Kyle Walters has taken a beating in the past and come out swinging for the fences anyway. Knowing him he’s already got Talent Scout extraordinaire Danny Mac scouring the countryside for hidden bodies. Sure our talent drain is about to turn into a gusher but it won’t be enough to completely drown us. Expect many wet corpses to brought in and toe tagged between now and training camp.

This is where that medical training Kyle got from the Frankenstein School of Re-animation will come in handy.


I agree, no need to sound the alarm bells.

We knew the Bombers would once again lose some significant talent, which is the curse of winning in a salary cap league. I have faith in Walters to be able to bring in more as he has habitually done. How the Bombers handle the inevitable talent drain is the gold standard for salary cap leagues. For a contrast look at how Toronto handled it this year when they faced a talent drain for the first time.

The Bombers still have the best 1-2 QB punch, the best running back, the best group of receivers and the best DB. Can’t be the best at everything, but a great start. Each Bomber team of the last 4 years has been different, including the historically 50 year plus good defence 3 years ago. They don’t have that defence any more, but last year their offence was the best of their teams that made it to 4 Grey Cups in a row and I predict the offence this year will be even better. I would like their defence to be better than it looks like it will be, but it is still going to be hard for any team to outscore the Bombers with their awesome array of offensive weapons. We could be seeing the CFL version of the San Diego Chargers and Air Coryell this season.