Terrible Hire By Winnipeg...

Nobody knows how Crowton is going to do in the CFL. To simply announce that he is a terrible hire because of a lack of CFL experience is complete speculation. Tit for tat with the OP.

oh please…
for chrissakes…don’t be a fool

I may only have 41 posts of “forum experience” but Crowton doesn’t have 41 seconds of CFL experience.

At several different coaching jobs Crowton has shown that his team’s offence gets progressively worse the longer he’s there. Check out his proven track record of futility. Now please show me where I have that many documented posts where I’ve been as wrong as Crowton’s play calling.

If LaPolice is going to be running the offence, why not just call Crowton “Clipboard Holder” instead of OC? Surely Winnipeg isn’t foolish enough to pay full freight for an apprentice to learn on the job and fetch the coach a coffee each day?

Maybe Crowton and his long record of ineptitude will fit in really well with Winnipeg. After all, it’s 21 years and counting since the Bombers won anything.

That sounds like a great motto for this year’s Bomber team…“21 and counting - - Gary Crowton”. See if you can get some T-shirts printed up Brown Eye.

Why you resort to name calling ? You made a strong argument and we will find out in a few months anyway. When you look at Bellefeuille and Marshall being let go last year and Barker firing himself before it happened to him too. Experience does not assure success.

In the end Lapolice is playing his job. He says he interviewed a number of candidates but would not name anyone ??? And when asked how his new hire was vetted he was vague and said they had common contacts ! So he's playing his job and his boss went along with it. So welcome to the forum, hang tight and be nice and we will all watch it unfold together.

I can't believe anyone would headline a post with his comment. Don't you think it would be more appropriate to announce his signing as the headline, then have your little rant about how well he may or may not do inside the post?

You may not like him, but you know what, Bomber fans don't care about your opinion, we're excited to have somebody with his vast knowledge of football and what he brings to the table as a 'teacher' in positioning and responsibilities.

Nobody does know. except you I guess, how well he may do, but again, here is somebody who is excited to come here to Canada and get involved with a bigger field and more motion.

It's kinda nice to have a fresh face in the line-up and not just recycling the same old, same old.

No question this is a plus for the ones (I am one) who are tired of CFL recycling rewarding lack of success with the experience excuse. I really appreciate our players getting opportunities: Miles, Copeland,Orlando,Brady,O’Shea and the influx of new guys Montreal has brought in from the US. They’ve actually fed most of the other teams in the league. Instead of stealing guys from other squads. Lapolice is paying it forward.

As for the title. I like it. Direct and to the point…

Okay Area 51, I don't care what you think of Crowton, but you had to slam the Bombers to make yourself feel better. It may be 21 and counting,but not once has the league propped up Winnipeg. Too bad the same can't be said of the Argos and didn't they just get another monetary boost at the cost of 6 other teams.What a great anchor and cornerstone of the league,that they need cash infusions to survive.Glass houses!!

to quote the amazing bruce willis, did things just get better, or worse.

If I am a bomber fan, I am nervous about this.

as OP explained further on, there is good reason for his skepticism, no matter how he phrased it.

Bruce said : Is this thing like Mike Kelly or Bud Grant


dont you mean, mike kelly or mike riley? 8)

Yeah thanks :lol:

....I wouldn't expect anything less from an argo fan who is most likely jealous and is ...let's say ...a bit intimidated by the hiring of Crowton...Could be a lot harder for T.O. to crawl out of the basement in 2012 and his visions of first place fading rapidly :lol: :lol: ..

Crowton’s track record speaks for itself. It’s terrifying - - if you’re a Bomber fan.

What's terrifying is the Argos need help from other teams to survive and this is the team that supposedly will cause the league to fold if they're not in it. I wonder how many of the GCs Toronto has won in the last 21 yrs.that have been bolstered by the likes of Winn, Sask, Ham and others forking out money when they themselves were struggling to survive? Hell,even the Ottawa RRs helped the Argos.You really shouldn't make fun of other teams' histories.You may not like the truth!!

…I notice you conveniently left out the successes Crowton has had in his career…Here’s one …He used the spread offence when with the Bears…Innovative for the time but not readily accepted…Now there are quite a few teams using his offence…Maybe he’ll be as innovative here and that’s to be seen…Looking forward to see what this guy can do in the CFL…AND as a little side note…Joe Mack was very much involved in the hiring of Crowton…Joes record for uncovering talent for the Bombers has been quite good …I’ll go with Joe :wink: :thup:

Man… you just don’t drink the Kool Aid… you SWIM in it!


Considering all the new hires in the East and through out the league you would think most posters would be concerned with their own hirings before they throw out barbs at other teams' moves. You can be 'terrified' all you want. I'll be my normally optimistic self and enjoy the games all season long.

The OP revealed himself as a former poster, his motives are purely for spite and to get a rise out of people, I’d say he did just that.

What did he use to go under ?

Here’s the sad part if you’re from Winnipeg - - EVERY team in the CFL has won at least one Grey Cup in the past 21 years. Even a team that doesn’t exist (Baltimore) has more championships than Winnipeg.

And thanks for reminding me about the FREE MONEY! Can’t wait for February 16 - - it’s going to be great spending other team’s money to sign their free agents. Haha, thanks for the $500k suckers!