Terrible Hire By Winnipeg...

Wow, you'd think this was the best Winnipeg could come up with? A proven failure with no CFL knowledge or experience - - way to go Winnipeg!

Usually Crowton manages to stick around for a few years before the team has no choice but to fire him, but this time he got run after just one year of futility at Maryland.

Are you Mike Kelly :lol:

Well, I guess that settles it then. How can you argue with a guy with 41 posts to his credit?

I have no idea what this topic is about


[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/Bombers-hire-Crowton-as-new-offensive-co-ordinator-138325609.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 25609.html[/url]

god, give the guy at least a few games before you crucify him!! :roll:

Q&A with Lapo


Posts count = knowledge? Uh-huh… Wally Buono has 0 posts here so he must be a bloody idiot.
Don’t hurt yourself thinking too hard.

So are you saying that his opinion is not welcome because he only has 41 posts, or because his opinion is not in agreement with yours?

Personally I do not see how having 41 posts or 7400 posts makes one more credible then the other.

It`s no wonder so few people take part in this forum, they offer a opinion and get attacked. :roll:

ya pigseye and chief are brutal volume elitists. no question.

And post count decides ones knowledge about football… :roll:

Some coaches in the NCAA leave for a new job every few years because they're trying to get a better title, or get to a more prestigious conference/program. That's understandable. But when a coach continually gets fired after only a few years wherever he goes, it starts to raise some red flags.

But don't take my opinion on it. Check out Crowton's performance record...

1999 Bears Team offensive ranking 26th Crowton OC
2000 Bears Team offensive ranking 28th Crowton OC
2001 Bears Team offensive ranking 11th 1st year w/o Crowton (Bears went 13-3)

2001 BYU - 618 Points scored in 14 games. Crowton's 1st year.
2002 BYU - 272 Points scored in 12 games. Crowton's 2nd year.
2003 BYU - 196 Points scored in 12 games. Crowton's 3rd year.
2004 BYU - 267 Points scored in 11 games. Crowton's 4th year.

2005 BYU - 396 Points scored in 12 games. 1st year w/o Crowton.
2006 BYU - 478 Points scored in 13 games. 2nd year w/o Crowton.

2005 Oregon - 414 Points scored in 12 games. Crowton's 1st year.
2006 Oregon - 383 Points scored in 13 games. Crowton's 2nd year.

2007 Oregon - 496 Points scored in 13 games. 1st year w/o Crowton.
2008 Oregon - 545 Points scored in 13 games. 2nd year w/o Crowton.

2007 LSU - 541 Points scored in 14 games. Crowton's 1st year.
2008 LSU - 402 Points scored in 13 games. Crowton's 2nd year.
2009 LSU - 323 Points scored in 13 games. Crowton's 3rd year.
2010 LSU - 313 points scored in 12 games Crowton’s 4th year.
(7 passing TDs - 1 a HB pass, 27 rushing TDs, 31 XPs, 26 FGM)

2011 LSU - 500 points scored in 14 games 1st year w/o Crowton.

Anybody else see a pattern here? Crowton's offences get progressively worse the longer he's there. Once Crowton is fired, the offence immediately improves.

Bomber apologists can say "He coached in the NFL, great hire!" or "He runs a spread offence, great hire!" but the reality is Crowton has a proven track record of consistent regression.

Good news for other Eastern division defences?

Why is everyone in a fuss about this hire. Did anyone witness Winnipeg's offence last year? They can't be any worse. Normally I would say, stay away with a guy with no CFL experience, but in this case he will be fine.

The guy is going to be OC in training... Risk isn't great.

Terrible post coming from a moderator on this forum. The OP is a bit over the top with his opinion, but his opinion is just as valid as yours or mine, regardless of post count.

Okay children take a pill.

Please explain how the title of this thread (which is pure speculation) is any different than mine?

Because Crowton has no CFL experience makes him a terrible hire, I am just using that same logic on the OP, since he has little or no posting experience, he must be a terrible poster.

Anyone else need me to draw them a picture?

Point is you threw a insult at him degrading his knowledge because he has a low post count because he made a opinon you didn’t agree with.

Got you the first time.

The OP point about Crowton’s record his valid but how that transfers to him being an OC working under a HC who really is the OC is irrelevant. The man is there to assist Lapolice and add some polish and twists to the offense. You can make a comparison to Reinebold who was and is a great assistant but a lousy HC. Every assistant who have not played in the league who come to the CFL have no experience of the CFL. If you look at Tim Burke he coached for 10 or 11 Colleges in the US, never really won anything, was chased out of Calgary and now is viewed as one of the best DC in the league.

This is Lapolice 3rd year as a HC. He is in a similar situation to what Bellefeuille was last season. So it is his hire to make. If he picked the wrong guy and the Bombers blow it. They likely both will be history. That’s how it works.

I never said I didn’t agree with his opinion, and I only returned the favor he used to describe Crowton as a terrible hire because of his lack of experience.

Anyone is free to post speculation as opinion, just don’t expect not to be treated to a taste of your own medicine if you want to open that door.