Terrible Attendance, Terrible Game !!

8) Well at least I was dead on with my attendance prediction, 22,000 range.
 Maybe some people know more than we fans actually do.  By staying away, those knowedgeable
 people did not have to subject themselves to that blow out tonight !!

 An embarrasing, humiliation, at home for sure !!

 No excuses, we were manhandled, and trounced, by a far better, and better prepared team !!

 Considering that Montreal went through their final walk through last evening, in the parking lot of
 Burlington Hotel, not much more need be said, as far as preparation was concerned !!

 By the beginning of the 4th quarter, I would estimate there were no more than 10,000 fans left
 to watch this debacle to the end.

 Two home games left.  We will be lucky to even draw 18-19,000 for those 2 games, if we're lucky !!

oh wow, I saw the bleachers clearing out as the game went on towards the end

That home playoff game had better materialize!

I concur regarding Montreal's domination tonight. Again, a lack of urgency at the opening bell. We never established the run, we didn't get receivers open enough, and none of our QBs were in AC's league tonight. The defence did not set a tone and it was downhill by halftime.

Oski Wee Wee,


Yeah, I even left early. Granted it was with only 1:30 left in the game, but it is something I rarely do. I wasn't that disappointed with the crowed although a few more grand would have been nice. At least everybody got the see the 2009 Grey Cup champs play and no it wasn't Hamilton.

The only ting good about this game was that now we have some good tape on Montreal and our tape showed nothing .Really yes it would of been nice to win and beat Montreal but it wasnt life or death people! I rather lose now then later! :wink:

8) It's not a question of us losing, it's HOW we lost.
  That is the most disturbing fact of this whole scenario.    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Very true. Porter just seems to start games with an "I hope we don't lose" attitude and not a "kick ass" mindset. If they still think he's the QB of the future fine--work him in from a backup role. Give Glenn 1st team reps and let him start. And this game, the whole team came up flat as manhole covers.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Trafalis is the QB of the future, just my gut feeling. Porter can't read the defences and as ususal takes off too early. Trafalis reminds me of Matt Dunnigan in terms of his physical attributes. He deserves an opportunity because IMO Porter is not the answer.

Hey the Tiger Cats should give anyone who has a ticket stub to last nights game a full refund. The game was absolute crap. High School teams are more prepared.

The only thing more certain than there are a crowd of Glenn supporters and a crowd of Porter supporters with lots of valid reasons for their beliefs is that nobody has a clue what Trafalis might be like if given an opportunity.

By the beginning of the 4th quarter, I would estimate there were no more than 10,000 fans left
to watch this debacle to the end.quote]

.......for the 1st time in over 15 years I actually got up and left with 8+ minutes left in the 4th.
While a rarity, I must say last night I felt completely drained.

As said in many of the forums we were completely outplayed in ever facit of the game. We are also trending down in our game play.....while I'm willing to be patient, I'm a little nervous.
We stared well out of the blocks but in the last 3 weeks we are struggling.

Keeping the faith but also keeping it real. :thup:


...while true, shouldn't we have looked at Montreals game plae vs others of the course of this season....we must have so I must say our coaches came either unprepared or drew up one bad playbook for this week??????


You can't judge Tafralis at all in a game like last night. When a QB enters the game when a team is way behind the opposing teams defense plays an entirely different, they play a "prevent" and they don't know a thing about a backup QB, they've never seen film on the guy. Backups can look fantastic when they come in late but totally different in a "real" game.

Last night was a "horrible game" one of the worst the Cats have played in years!!! not one positive!

I know that the other team may play prevent d etc. I was not judging Trafalis at all. I am just saying that this guy will one day be a starting QB in the league because :stuck_out_tongue: given the chance he may turn some heads. I say this because I just like the way he carries himself, I have no evidence to back up what I am saying...just a gut feeling.


Without commenting on Porter or Glenn, what has Adam done to show you that beyond what many 3rd stringers have in the past? Nope, the season is still up for grabs, putting in ANY 3rd stringer is an act of desperation and crapping on number 1 and 1A. Thats almost a guarantee to lose the dressing room.


nope. didn't miss it. On that basis Tim Chang is a HOF Ticat QB Adam hasn't showed anything because he hasn't played meaningful minutes. That decision was made out of camp and cannot be changed. At this point in the season bringing in a new QB would be a huge mistake. Glenn/Porter haven't done anything to lose the job outright and throw away the season


If I recall correctly, in '99 (the last year we won the Cup) we got beat by the Als worse than we did last night. Never panic!!

Based on what I've seen of Porter thus far this season, I don't think he is our future QB. I would bench him as #3 QB for the balance of the season. I would give the starter job to Kevin Glenn and insert Tafralis as our backup to Glenn in the #2 position.

Porters head seemed to be somewhere else last night, not on the field of play. His poor play once again deflated his team mates and as the game went on, offense and defense got progressively worse.

The loss of course, isn't fully attributable to Porter, but this loss demonstrated to me that he is NOT our future quarterback.

He can't find open receivers (admittedly because sometimes they couldn't get open).
He sights only his primary target and failing that, starts to run the ball himself.
He lacks enthusiasm and it rubs off on the other players.
He had a glazed look in his eyes last night that told me, he wasn't tuned in.

His role for the season's balance would be better served as a backup.

Porter has had plenty of time by now to show management that he has what it takes to lead this team.
IMHO, he hasn't got the talent for starting QB.

Calvillo played poorly when he got his start in Hamilton and then blossemed into a first rate QB but this was the exception, not the rule. Don't look for this in Porter.

Please note; I am not as football savvy as the coaches and many of the folks on this site, but you have my opinion, right or wrong.