Terrence Toliver released?? Tolliver has NOT been released!!


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Didn’t know you could get released Injured in the offeseason. Hey but what do I know #cfl

If this is true , it’s bloody awful. What is wrong with this team?

Worried about this happening.

Doesn't fit the mould of a June Jones type reciever.

Sad because Tolliver has shown himself to be a very capable player.

Great at stretching the field and would have served us well in jump ball type throws in the end zone.

Will get scooped up quick by another team.

Could also be a money thing, if true. If I remember correctly, Tolliver avoided free agency last off-season by re-signing in Hamilton for good money. Maybe June Jones would like to use that cash to sign another receiver the Ticats are targeting in free agency. Or it's cash for Manziel.

He clarified it wasn't about him. Lock'er up.


Hey, Ti-Cats, wake up

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now5 hours ago
Not me referring to a tweet I saw earlier

Interesting . Just wondering if it wasn't himself he was referring to then just who might it be that he was referring to and tweeting about ?

I’m confused. Has Toliver been released, or not?

He is listed on the Ticat roster at least for now which is usually better than peoples Twitter feeds.

He has not been released

Cannot release someone in IR and definitely not in off season! This is Fake News!
An injured player gets paid for as long as he's unable to play, no matter what his contract says. A team can't release an injured player until he's cleared to play.If a player gets hurt doing a football-related activity, he's covered, no matter when it happens.

That's not correct.

Article 15 of the CBA covers this. If a veteran, full salary and benefits will have to be paid for the season if done after the cut off date (depends on years as a veteran). Medical benefits do continue. A neutral physician may determine any grievance. A player on IR can be released during the off-season. I've certainly heard of cases.

Not sure that Article 15 talks about releasing a player on IR from previous season. Player is not on active roster so I dont think he can be released, orherwise there will be all sorts of law-suits for basically “wrongful dismissal?.

Tell me this is not true...here we go...old man Jones is starting to show his real colours already...sure , cut the best receiver on the team...After a life time of watching this team I sometimes wonder "WHY"??

If someone did tell you that, would you believe it?

Any chance we could have this thread deleted, and replaced with a thread stating that Toliver has not been released?

This was a misunderstanding based on a tweet from Toliver that referred to some other player who apparently was released after ending the season on the IR. No idea who that player was, but it was NOT Toliver.

Repeat. It was not Toliver. Toliver is still on the team roster.

I changed it, didn't know I could do that! 8)