Terrence Jeffers Harris, ZERO CLASS!

I can not beleive that he was not released he was one of the receivers brough in to help fill the hole left by Bagg and he has played lowsey and Lazy

Sure but, for such a 'nice guy', Lapo seemed to make a lot of enemies among former players, and who knows how many still on the team.

Guys on the team also had no issues with slagging Mack on Twitter in the off season. The real question seems to be surrounding the personality of players the Bombers pick up.

Youngest team in the league, I don't think they're all bad actors, just very immature and wild, they need someone to keep them in line and if they can't, they need to be gone.

Damn TJH and other former Bombers for having an opinion!! :roll: :roll:

TJH has never really impressed me anywhere that he's played. He's a talented dude who uses a fraction of his physical abilities. Maybe a coach-killer type player like that oughta worry about his own game before he opens his yap about someone else's career.

School in the summertime. No class. :thdn:

That's so much better 8)

Opinion is one thing. Downright nastyness is another. A term I've read used a lot by Bombers and If I was running a ball team the first guy that used the N word would have a serious education in front of his peers. I don't care if "he ownes it"

Dude! There is no comparison between what TJ Harris said and the word you just dropped. Use your head, man. Not even close to the same thing.

There is every basis for comparison. Both are expression of hatred -- one racial, one based on gender. (I'll leave aside the issue of the n-word in a positive context -- that's an insider term reserved for African-American use in any case)

The context in which the n-word was used had nothing to do with what Harris said. That was a tangent that had nothing to do with the the point of the conversation. It was just dropped in there as an example of behaviour he wouldn't tolerate on a football team. That has nothing to do with Harris being happy that LaPolice was fired.

There are a lot of things that this forum rightly censors; how the heck that word got through is beyond me. There is no place for that word in a proper conversation and there is no justification for ever using it.

I'm not making a comparing the two. Just talking about respect and what should be expected communications in any workplace for a public figure.

Should still not be used. By its very nature it expresses "us" and "them" and it creates a divide IMO.

I was travelling last year down south in a five star resort with a group of close friends. The slang there is "Esclavo". So we are ordering dinner and the waiter is giving us the "resort smile" then when taking the order of my black friend asks him "You Esclavo do you want anything ?" Not fun... Sickens me and I "part own it".

Someone has to enlighten me here... where did the 'N' word come into this conversation... the only thing I saw was the Harris was glad that Lapo was fired... as far as someone "ignoring" me, c'est la vie... :roll:

he's fun on twitter.. i remember when he was with the ticats, i tweeted him a message as he was being rather obnoxious and talking like he was the greatest.. i tweeted "guaranteed you will be cut", sure enough he was.. himself and a few of his friends tweeted back, telling me i was wrong and a moron and shouldnt be talking crap about him behind a keyboard.. i said.. pot meet kettle, all i say was you will be cut.. i added nfl talent but 10 cent brain = cut.

the guy responds back quite often... just say something to him that lets you know you think he has zero class and he'll prove it by tweeting something ridiculous back...

You take the time to troll someone on Twitter? Seems like a waste of time to me.

It's not trolling Blogskee, twitter is twitter; how many more Bow Moon comments are in your WigWam of sorts :stuck_out_tongue:

It is trolling, though. If the only reason you say something to someone is to flame them, that's trolling. You want to get a response back from them, so you say something negative. I'm on Twitter and if I don't like what someone says, I simply click the 'unfollow' button (or I block them). And I don't understand the last part of sentence? Is Bow Moon supposed to be Bauman?

Nope - Bow Moon is called a cheap shot towards Killer...good enough for ya :cowboy:

Unlike posting here, which of course is a very worthy pursuit. :rockin: