Terrence Jeffers Harris, ZERO CLASS!

Tweeted about the Lapo firing "best news the CFL has ever had,Karma is a B#%"
Awful stuff and says it all about the lack of character he has as a person. Glad Lapo's wife responded.

what was the response from Lapo's wife kasps?

'Moron,Dumbass' sums it up.

Yes Harris. Karma is a beeatch... Now let's see you outrun it :slight_smile:

Wait, is this the same Jeffers Harris who currently has 64 receiveing yards on the year, on a team that's on a 5 game losing streak?

Yep, that's the kind of guy who should be shooting his mouth off.

Maybe the problem is in the locker room and goes deeper than just the coach.

TJ Harris plays for the Riders. He's a bitter ex-Bomber.

Maybe he's just being prophetic. Looks like he will be a bitter ex-rider shortly.

Lapo cut TJH just before the playoffs started last year, denying him almost $20k in playoff bonuses...and too late to catch on with another team. That was a slap in the face for TJH (much like the Als did to Larry Taylor the year before) so perhaps he was just returning the favour.

I'm not so sure I agree with the term "denying".

Maybe not. With the Riders releasing Efrem Hill he might actually take Hill's place.

TJH was not denied $20,000 in playoff bonuses.

There are clearly issues between TJ Harris and Paul LaPolice, so why should he keep his mouth shut just because he doesn't wish LaPo well? He has as much of a right to say what he said as anyone else. He's also free to be criticized for those remarks, but I don't see a problem with him saying what he feels. People can call him bitter if that makes them feel better, but he doesn't like LaPolice and expressed that. And considering that Joe Mack said that players told him they didn't respect/fear LaPolice, Harris doesn't seem to be alone in his thinking.

I'm not up completely on the gossip as I mostly lurk but TJH was a huge pain in the ass here in Winnipeg. Actually apparently so was his girlfriend who came to practices and shouted that TJH should be in the NFL, etc, etc. It was quite humorous. Maybe one of the more knowledgeable Bomber heads can offer up some more info! 8)

…I guess it goes back to the age-old saying “if you can’t say something nice about someone…”

It's classless, bottom line. If he said, Lapo deserved to be fired thats one thing. Saying it was the best thing ever to hppen in the CFL. That's over the top.

then Say it Loud! :lol:

...This guy's girlfriend is a bitter betty...and apparently TJ is as well....Lapolice has left the Bomber organization because of his coaching NOT because of dealings with Mr. Harris :lol: I think TJ needs some counselling...That rider dressing room must be a mess with this clown in it.. :roll:

Publicly expressing joy at a coach losing his job is quite different from merely having issues with that coach's style or his (in)ability to command respect in the locker room. The latter is perfectly understandable; the former simply demonstrates that Jeffers-Harris isn't much of a person.

TJH expressed it more strongly than he should have imo but he wasn't the only former player to make a comment along that line. Obby Khan told the Calgary Herald that his gut reaction was what any person would feel when the person who fired him was fired. And Ike Charlton posted this comment on Facebook "Hmmm Lapo out ha" which another former Bomber (Dorian Smith) agreed with.

What this shows me is how many bad characters Kelly and Murphy brought to that team and I am still of the opinion that you will see a huge blood letting in the off season. One of the guys. I think a QB mentionned that there were deep rooted problems on that team and I think you've got a click of bad apples in that bunch that no matter the talent will need to be cleaned out for this team to become a solid group. But that's just me.