Terrence Edwards retires...

...Walters put it best...one of the best receivers this club has ever seen...Great team guy and the ultimate professional ..Good luck to him in his future endeavours :thup: :thup:

Pretty high praise there papa. I met him at the Grey Cup a few seasons' back, and he was a nice fellow. I'd say he was a good receiver too. But one of the best in Winnipeg? Not sure there.

I for sure would rank Milt Stegall, Joe Poplawski, and James Murphy well ahead of him.

Great receiver and person; was great to have you on the team Terrence. It will be hard to find a replacement for Terrence Edwards I'm sure that will have as much positive impact as he.


Now the Nick Moore signing makes a whole lot of sense :wink:

Best wishes to TE in his retirement and thanks for an great career.

Wonder how long this has been in the pipe, or if the management went to TE and talked about him potentially releasing him and at this point he didn't want to restart his career elsewhere? I know he said he retired on his own terms, but still. This just ratchets up the pressure on Moore to build on his first 1000 yrd season from last year. The team continues to get younger, it would've been nice IMO to give Willy a veteran presence. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a guest coach helping out with receivers. The guy is a solid vet who wasn't afraid to show the younger guys the ropes and would be useful working with the new guys coming in IMO.

They might have asked him to take a paycut.

Possibly true considering his injuries last year. Although they have plenty of room under the cap all things considered. Their QB roster makes less as a group than some starting QBs in the league. Outside of Ottawa they have one of the youngest rosters in the league to begin with. They picked up some salary in the Banks deal, and there's the raise to Kohlert who resigned, and the large deal to Moore. But they also dumped veteran contracts in Jovon Johnson, Justin Sorensen, Brandon Stewart, Chad Simpson, and lost Matthews and Muamba.

Edwards retirement, along with Chris Matthews signing with the Seahawks today, means the Bombers receiving corps is really undergoing a radical makeover. Now, if they could do that with the offensive line.......

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/18/seahawks-add-wide-receiver-chris-matthews/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... -matthews/[/url]

I liked him. He always reminded of a Perry Tuttle type.