Terrence Edwards extended by Bombers, Dinwiddie released

"The Winnipeg Blue Bombers locked up one of their top deep threats as the team announced that they have extended the contract of receiver Terrence Edwards on Saturday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed..."

"...Winnipeg remained busy on Saturday as the team also announced that they released quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, defensive back Derrick Strait, wide receiver Ivan Birungi and linebacker Bryan Wilson."


Oski Wee Wee,

Wow. Who the heck to they have at QB now?

IMO Dinnwiddie was their only shot at winning 4 games this year lol.

Everyone is always in love with Lefors at what he can do in practise, but he is not a game day qb, just like Crandal was tearing it up 2 years ago in practise which lead to them thinking that KJ was easilly replacable.

It looks like Stefan Lafors, a former 3rd/4th stringer with Edmonton.

I've heard more than enough about Lefors from my bf to know that they are making a pretty big mistake resting all their hopes on him.

T-minus 20 seconds to the "Dinwiddie bring him to Hamilton" thread (don't you dare, Russ lol)

BG, as of right now, the Bombers have this galaxy of QB talent: Stefan LeFors, Darrell Hackney , James Kilian, and Bryan Randall. LeFors is penciled in as starter. We shall see how the others shake down.

Oski Wee Wee,

This is just a head-scratcher. Why cut Dinwiddie now when he's one of the few QBs in Winnipeg with some experience (not much, I grant you, but still) as a CFL starter? Kelly must be really high on whoever the fourth-string was to cut Dinwiddie loose before camp even starts.

Indeed. Taken as a whole, Mike Kelly's offseason has been more than a head scratcher and somewhat less than busted open. LeFors had better pan out for his sake.

Oski Wee Wee,

With Kelly at the helm I'm not surprised at any moves comint out of the "Peg.It's all downhill for them this year I'm afraid.

With all do respect.. Kelly is a moron. The guy seems to have no idea about how to win.

The one good way to look at it though is that the Bombers will be easy to beat. At least their O.

I really feel bad for the Bomber fans.Bad management dicisions.Seems like we've been down this road ourselves.For too long.

The four remaining qb's the Bombers have, would make Porter look like chopped liver. :lol:

Um, what? Your four QBs are talented but almost completely unproven.

The guy from Winnipeg has been around for awhile.

[quote="NSValleyGuy"]I really feel bad for the Bomber fans.

8) Not me, it would make me happy to see those arrogant Bomber fans crying the blues this time around !!
 It couldn't happen to a better team and their fans  !!!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Ya the Bomber fans have been insanely cocky this off-season, considering they traded or released alot of their best players for unheard of, unproven players.

...it's okay pigseye.....these guys in the hammer are in for one helluva surprise....heh heh....When Porter folds and they put in Kevin....Should be an easy 2 pts. for the BigBlue from there.... :lol: :lol:

say what you want.. at least we don't live in winnipeg. that gives us non-bomber fans at least a few million cool points.

winnipeg... the white trash capitol of the world!

....yeah but i bet you wished you had a brand new CFL football facility on the horizon..... :lol: :lol:

there is one in the works and nothign can match the atmoshpere, character and history of ivor wynne