Terrelle Pryor on riders neg list.

I Know this is more of a non story then anything. aparently he will be entering the NFL Suplimental draft. not sure when that may be (or was). Madani was quoted on twitter as saying he will most likely play UFL this season. I apologise for not having a great source. it was a said in passing report on the Fan960 at around 4:30 this afternoon. Claimed an un-named source leaked the information.

If anyone knows, why do the CFL teams not release the neg list? i think it would be pretty rad to see who is on the lists. maybe someon has payton manning on a list somewhere. is there any format on how to get somone on your neg list? or is it just a phone call and a signed fax?

My guess is we will never see this young man play in the CFL. Especially considering Sask has, what i consider, three high quality QB's already. so he would have to play another posistion.

If he plays in the NFL that's one thing, but to have him head to the UFL should NOT happen under any circumstances. His skill set suits the Canadian game to a "T" and he should be in the CFL first, and only head to the UFL if he can't make a go of it up here.

I think Pryor would need over 200,000 in salary to come to the CFL.....I dont see him coming for anything under 100,000 in salary...GO BUCKEYES

Well, that's out of the question, not proven at all at the CFL level and only qb's who have shown they can play the CFL game will get that kind of money.

Terrelle Pryor isn't interested in playing in the Canadian Football League, leaving the playing future of the former Ohio State quarterback in question.

Pryor announced Tuesday that he would not return to Ohio State for his senior season in the wake of an NCAA suspension and ongoing investigation. The Saskatchewan Roughriders own the CFL negotiating rights to Pryor and had extended him a tentative offer.

''They sent the package last night, I forwarded it to Terrelle and Terrelle said that he wasn't interested today,'' Pryor's attorney, Larry James, said Thursday.

Asked if Pryor gave him a reason for his lack of interest in the Roughriders, James said, ''He did not go into discussion. He just said he's not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds.''

Roughriders general manager Brendan Taman was watching his team practice and did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment.

Pryor has several options besides jumping immediately to the CFL.

He could still apply to enter a special NFL supplemental draft later this summer, he could play in a minor league such as the United Football League, or he could work out and take several months to prepare for next spring's full NFL draft.

James said the 6-foot-6, 233-pounder's first choice is to go in a supplemental draft.

''He's definitely looking at the supplemental draft,'' James said, adding that Pryor is in the process of hiring a trainer and an agent.
Pryor was one of five Ohio State players suspended last December for the first five games of the 2011 season for accepting improper benefits from a Columbus tattoo-parlor owner.

Ohio State's career rushing leader among quarterbacks with 2,164 yards, Pryor ranks fifth in the school's record book for passing yards with 6,177.

Pryor might be interested in playing with the Argos.
Maybe somebody told him he would have to learn how to drive a combine and buy a fur coat to live in Saskatchewan. :wink:

It sounds like he might need to lower his expectations...

… :lol: :lol: …somehow the picture of a future (very skeptical) qb. of the riders driving a combine wearing a fur coat strikes me as funny :lol: :lol:

Someone may correct me if I am inaccurate, but the basics as I understand it is, if a player on a neg list declares that he WANTS a CFL contract, the team has 10 days to negotiate and sign said player. If after those 10 days, they can’t agree on a contract the player becomes an FA.

If they can’t agree to a contract the player has to be removed from the team’s neg list but another team can still add him to theirs after that so he would only be an FA if no team did that.

He sounds like a primadonna that has stars in his eyes, cocky and needs to get a dose of reality. He obviously thinks he can get the proper trqining necessary by not playing a football season and be ready for the draft. Once the NFL tells him he isn't good enough he may change his mind, I remember back in 85 when Flutie snubbed the CFL hoping for his american dream playing in the NFL. After 4 to 5 years doing nothing and getting few chances he finally came to his senses.

Not necessarily.

Especially as QB you run the risk of RUINING your NFL dreams if you play in Canada. There are a few teams in the NFL who are realizing that the talent level in Canada actually is the 2nd best football league in the world so these stereotypes are starting to come down but for the most part, Americans believe that CFL talent equates to NCAA div 2 schools. If Pryor comes to Canada and does not own the league in one season his stock goes WAY down. Not even Doug Flutie owned the league in his first CFL season. In fact in his first year 1990, he was so rough the Lions needed to unretire Joe Paopao. It doesn’t mean that Flutie was no good, it just meant that like most QBs they need a half to a full season to adapt to 12 defenders, wide field and unlimited motion and 20 seconds per play to get it all done.

It’s very easy to look awful while you’re doing an excellent job learning 3 down football.

And I’m not sure what you mean by him getting training by not playing a football season and being ready for the draft. He’s suspended in the NCAA. He CAN’T play a full season to get ready, they won’t let him. He wants to make the NFL now, through the supplemental. If that fails he wants to play NOW in the UFL. If that fails then maybe he’ll call up the Riders, maybe not.

Don't confuse what the general public thinks about the CFL and what football people think. The impression I get is that people in the know, football people, know VERY well that the talent level in the CFL is very high.

Ofcourse he wouldn't sign in the CFL. The guys isn't more than a 3rd string QB at best, likely a PR player at this point.
You think an american college star can wrap his head around being irrelevant in a league that he's not even familiar with and likely doesn't realize the caliber of play?

Not to mention the 2 year commitment.

This I know to be true, at least to some degree. After losing a number of CFLers to the NFL in the last couple years, there were some articles about the CFL getting noticed by NFL teams. In one of those articles, someone from the Bills said that looking for talent in the CFL was nothing new for them. It would be surprising if the Bills were the only team.

The Als traded Terrelle's neg rights to the Riders :wink:

We have 4 freakin' QB's on our roster (2 of which have been to 3 Grey Cups in total) and now we want to get this stuck up jack*ss? I hope for the sake of the Riders we DON'T go after him... :roll:

Very strange way of scouting but that's Taman.

I am curious what you mean by this?

I was listening to the fan960 this morning. the calgary sports radio. Stephen brunt was on in the seven o'clock hour. He feels Pryor will still end up in the CFL at some point. said more in passing. Should be on the fan website though.

If you count backup time, the riders have a lot of QB experience in just getting to the grey cup, and being a part of a team that went there. as well as college championships. definately the riders dont need anymore qbs.